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The GL & Constantine Incidents Prove That WB Does Not Understand the Multiverse

The DC Extended Universe kicked off with a bang. Man of Steel was an explosive reboot of Superman. Zack Snyder took DC’s resident boy scout and turned him into a hulking conflicted badass. Superman was no longer just a God. Snyder’s adaptation made him human. Even more so, since it was Christopher Nolan who wrote the screenplay for Man of Steel. You see, Snyder had a plan, a plan where the DCEU could be effectively started with a 5 movie arc. He had a vision, and during the reshoots of Justice League, WB decided to interfere. With their continual creative oversight, the studio has derailed a comic-accurate storyline. They don’t want a good story, they want a mindless spectacle. This, coupled with recent changes to the multiverse stories shows that WB does not understand the multiverse.

Constantine’s Removal Proves that WB Does Not Understand the Multiverse

You may question what incidents I refer to? What accusations do I lay upon these executives who are throwing colossal piles of cash towards the production of Superhero Universes we all want? But that is exactly it, my dear fan, all they are doing is throwing money, and ruining the story by taking a light-hearted route. If Justice League (Snyder Cut) proved anything, then it was that DC is in dire need of course correction. If they continue to mess with creative visions of seasoned directors for the sake of cheap laughs then they will soon lose the trust of their fans. DC comics have never been about laughs, they have always given us content that made us question our beliefs on a fundamental level. Something that Marvel has never been able to do.

WB Does Not Understand the Multiverse

Take the recent incidents for example. Legends of Tomorrow put Constantine in its cast after the cancellation of his standalone show. Thereafter, the magician settled into his old ways. But the executives decided that the character was too much of a hassle to keep on. Even though they did not like Constantine, they loved Matt Ryan. I say that because the star just shifted to a different character on Legends of Tomorrow so that it would allow the departure of Constantine from the show’s storyline. Now the reason for this hasn’t been revealed, but it is quite clear that Constantine is being written out because he is supposed to appear in his upcoming HBO Max show, and a Justice League Dark series as well.

WB is really into establishing the Multiverse with The Flash, but at the same time, they are not allowing similar characters to appear in different shows. They are keeping Constantine out of The CW so that people would focus on his HBO Max shows. They’ve left the SnyderVerse behind so that people would focus on Hamada’s new DCEU. Now listen carefully WB, THIS IS NOT HOW THE MULTIVERSE WORKS. What’s the point of having a Multiverse if characters have to be pulled out of one project so a different version could appear in another. Now I know that we have at least two Barry Allens, and three Batmen coming in 2022. But if that can be allowed, then why can’t the SnyderVerse be continued? Why can’t Henry Cavill get his Man of Steel sequel while WB brings us three other Superman projects instead? Isn’t it stupid?

The Green Lantern Debacle

Another incident that comes to mind relates to the more recent Snyder Cut. Fans may remember that both versions of Justice League had a cameo from a lot of heroes that were nowhere to be seen in earlier films. I am talking about the appearance of Green Lantern.

The executives believed that a cameo in Justice League would affect their storyline for the planned HBO MAX Green Lantern show. It is quite disheartening that WB thinks that way. They scrapped the footage that Zack Snyder shot with Wayne T. Carr. He was so cross about the entire situation that he wanted to quit Justice League, but he swallowed the bitter pill for the sake of the fans.

WB Does Not Understand the Multiverse

It seems that WB mistakes kindness for weakness when they ruin storylines with their unwanted backseat directing. I urge the executives to remember that a cameo in the movie universe does not necessarily need to clash with the HBO MAX universe. This is exactly the kind of problem which is solved by using a writing tool such as the multiverse. So WB, THIS IS NOT MULTIPLE UNIVERSES WORK. IT IS NOT HOW ANY OF THIS WORKS.

Disregard and Disrespect

The executives have continually failed to deliver on fan expectations. Moreover, they have steered the storyline towards one disaster after another with their interferences. I am appalled by the attitude that has gone behind making these shows. Multiversal stories are a thing o beauty. They give us the chance to entertain limitless possibilities because of the writing cover. But when a studio botches up something as surefire as Crisis on Infinite Earths, maybe it’s evidence that they need to correct their ways and stop blaming the creatives.

It is disheartening that the DC characters have found their home in the hands of people who could care less about a coherent multiverse. It makes me sad. I can’t even begin to imagine how it makes you all feel. But at least we can vent together. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel.

It is clear that WB does not understand the Multiverse and its workings. Hopefully, The Flash will prove us wrong.

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