New Theory Suggests That Stan Lee Was Playing Old Steve Rogers In All His Cameos

The MCU has one trend that is present in almost all the entries of the franchise. Fans can always spot some nods and references in the movies that are actually something that can be rather fun to figure out. These nods and references are present in a quite subtle manner, as something that can engage the viewers a bit more. But of all the cameos one has always been common until recently, Stan Lee. The creator of some of the most essential characters in the Marvel comics used to have a cameo in all the projects that we had seen for a long period of time. But Marvel has always been rather smart about their references in the MCU and thus fans have always thought that there might be an underlying principle behind these cameos. A new theory surrounding the Stan Lee cameos of MCU suggests Stan Lee was actually playing old Steve Rogers.

Stan Lee Cameos In The MCU

Stan Lee has had appearances in the Marvel projects ever since the 1989 TV movie The Trial of the Incredible Hulk. The comic book creator appeared as a jury member. Ever since then he has appeared in various projects that were a part of the different production houses. Some of his most awesome appearances were in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies as he interestingly seemed to be playing the same guy. Later he started having these brief appearances in the MCU projects. He has appeared in every MCU project from Iron Man to Avengers: Endgame, which basically marks the entire Infinity Saga.


Stan Lee Was Playing Old Steve Rogers

There have been various theories based around these cameos as fans have thought about the attention to detail Marvel tends to have. Fans have pointed out various Easter eggs in the past projects that ended up being very essential in the near future of the franchise. With one of his cameos in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 indicating he was having a conversation with the Watchers, fans started wondering if he was one of them himself. Lee played different characters in each and every one of his cameos but there has been an indication that all these might be the same character. A new theory on Reddit might have gotten very close to a possible explanation.


Theory: Stan Lee Is Time-Travelling Steve Rogers

[MCU] Steve Rogers and Stan Lee from FanTheories

Stan Lee’s cameos don’t have many similarities amongst them except for the fact that they do show up at a very significant point in the narrative of the movie. Often this has been assumed to be a possible indication that he might be playing a certain character in these movies. Redditor u/Digomr has indicated a possible link between these cameos and Steve Rogers. At the end of Avengers: Endgame we saw Captain America going back in time to bring back the changes they had made in the past. It is very much possible that Rogers was able to go on different missions while he had the Super Serum in his system. That could in a way explain why he was very close to the Avengers during the various events in the MCU overseeing the timeline. But this brings in certain cameos that don’t fit into Steve Rogers’ personality at all.


Stan Lee Was Playing Old Steve Rogers

This theory doesn’t make sense based on some of the personalities that Stan Lee appeared as in the movies. Some of his cameos seem to have no connections at all as he appears momentarily to do things that would in no way be helpful to the Avengers. From having his car shrunken by Wasp in Ant-Man and the Wasp to just saying hi to a neighbor in Spider-Man: Homecoming, there is no way that this is also the First Avenger. On the other hand, there are certain moments that indicate a possible chance that the character might be protecting the timeline.


Marvel is still supposed to tell us what happened to Steve Rogers and where he is in the Sacred Timeline. The character actually came back to hand Sam Wilson his shield and that makes sure that he hadn’t died yet. But in a way, it is actually nice how Marvel gave a satisfactory end to the character. Stever Rogers probably retired and had a peaceful life with his wide and thus lived two full lives.

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