15 Reasons Why Dune Is The Biggest Movie Of 2021

Dune is definitely gonna top the list of the best movies of the year. Every trailer for the movie has given us a hint of the massive world we are going to get a chance to explore. The book is still considered to be the biggest hit when it comes to sci-fi. Frank Herbert was able to give us something that could not be avoided for an avid reader. Various attempts have been made at adapting the books to a feature film and they don’t seem to have reached the heights this attempt might have. The past attempts of a movie were done by much-acclaimed directors who failed to make a mark with the fans of the literature. Let’s take a look at the reasons why Dune is the biggest movie of 2021.

Why Dune Is The Biggest Movie

Likeness to Star Wars 

Star Wars is one of the most successful franchises based on space adventures that we have seen in a long time. The franchise has various movies, shows, and games that have fans occupied with the franchise. Ever since the first look for Dune was revealed we are well aware that everyone drew comparisons to the franchise. Now true fans will know that Star Wars has taken a lot from the Dune books. The movie will surely draw a certain mass of audience because of the comparisons that are being drawn between the franchise and this movie.


The Massive Cast

The movie is stacked with a wonderful cast of actors. Each actor has been able to successfully establish themselves in some of the most successful movies in recent years. This cast includes Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Dave Bautista, Oscar Isaac, Jason Momoa, Josh Brolin, Stellan Skarsgård, and Javier Bardem. Most of these actors have been part of some of the major successful franchises including the Marvel films.


The Characters

Why Dune Is The Biggest Movie

The cast of actors associates with the massively detailed characters in the movie. Each character plays a major part in the story of the movie and is given a chance to develop on screen. This is a clear reason why the movie chose to have this successful cast of actors to give a lot more weight to these characters.

Monsterous Sandworms

The trailer gave us a first look at the Sandworms which play a major role in the movie. We are well aware of the importance these Sandworms have in the books and the designs clearly pull off the way Frank Herbert might have wanted the live-action version of them to be imagined.



Greig Fraser is the cinematographer for the movie and it clearly helps with the fact that the trailer features some of the greatest visual feats in recent cinema. He is known for his work in Rogue One and Zero Dark Thirty, and this gives us a clear idea that the movie will be a visual piece of wonder.

The Masterful Plot

One cannot question the effect the Frank Herbert books have had on literature and sci-fi and this clearly goes to say regarding the beautiful plot for the movie we will get to explore as we witness it on the big screen.


The Screenwriters Involved

Adapting Dune for the screen is no ordinary feat but we can be assured considering the fact the people who worked in the script are quite successful in their past work. Academy Award winner Eric Roth is definitely evidence of the success the movie will have.

Initial Response

Why Dune Is The Biggest Movie

With a certified fresh 88% score on Rotten Tomatoes, there’s no wonder this movie will hit the levels of other such major adaptations like Lord of the Rings.


Denis Villeneuve At The Helm

Denis Villeneuve is no ordinary director and we are well aware of how he has been able to implement his vision for the screen and given us massive hits like Arrival and action-packed thrillers like Sicario. He has also given us one big-budget hit that had serious dependencies considering it was a sequel to a movie that is much beloved by the fans. We are talking about none other Blade Runner 2049. We can be assured that Denis Villeneuve is clearly a good choice for a project like Dune.


The Score For The Film

Hans Zimmer has proven to us enough times that he delivers with the perfect music for the ear that plays along with the plots of some of the best movies over the past few decades. He has had projects like Man of Steel, Interstellar, and The Dark Knight Trilogy where he faced massive success. We can’t wait to hear what he has prepared for us with Dune.


The Action Involved

With the trailer giving us a hint at some of the most beautiful set pieces and some of the most awesome-looking action scenes it seems to be pure joy. The movie is surely gonna be a blast when it comes to action and fight sequences.

The Setting Of The Movie

The movie has a unique setting based on the book and it does allow us to keep a lot to wonder and how this setting will be explored in the movie. An entirely new universe is at bay for us to explore and dive into.


Expected Sequel

Why Dune Is The Biggest Movie

This will be the first in the two parts the movie is supposed to have with the sequel set to start production in 2022. Initial plans were to work on both the movies together but the studio denied it and now we can expect to get a continuation to the plot. This will keep viewers on edge as there’s no wonder that we will definitely enjoy the fact that the novel wasn’t reduced to a single movie.


Multiple Attempts

Over the last few decades, there have been various efforts and plans in adapting the movie and some of them either failed to realize while a few others got to make a somewhat nominal outcome with the fans of the books. David Lynch’s 1984 attempt, Dune is one of the most known adaptations and while it does have its high points it’s fair to say that it could have been better.


A Possible Franchise

With major studios planning to get their own franchises out based on major cinematic events, there might be a chance that the success of Dune might also lead to a major franchise with the project. With the creative forces that are already behind this project, there is no surprise this franchise might end up being a major success.

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