Mark Ruffalo May Have Accidently Revealed Massive Spoiler About Avengers 4  

In the past, there have been two independent Hulk movies, in the first one Eric Bana played the green monster while in the second one Edward Norton was “The Hulk”. Finally, Hulk was re-introduced into the MCU and Mark Ruffalo is our near perfect Bruce Banner/The Hulk.

For years fans have been demanding a Hulk solo movie since the franchise was left midway without proper closure.

Given the massive fan following of the character, he should get a solo movie tied to MCU storyline. His next outing will be in Thor: Ragnarok and then in two Infinity war movies.

At D23, Mark Ruffalo discussed the prospects of standalone Hulk movie in the future with Variety, and he said it’s never going to happen so don’t hold your breath. He blamed Universal for this as it doesn’t want to play ball with Marvel. But the event was not all gloomy for Hulk fans as Mark Ruffalo may have revealed a huge spoiler in respect to Avengers 4.

Kevin Feige, the Marvel President, has consistently maintained that the title of Avengers 4 can’t be revealed as it’s a big spoiler of what’s to come. But Mark Ruffalo said something that may have spilled the beans. He told Fandango at D23 that a major Hulk comic-book storyline is in the works for Avengers Infinity War movies. Till now we know that Thor will meet Guardians of the Galaxy who will bring him to Earth after he gets his ass handed to him by Thanos. But there is no mention of Bruce Banner/ The Hulk in respect of upcoming Avengers movies.

Mark Ruffalo

Thor: Ragnarok will partially adapt Planet Hulk storyline but then comics continued with World War Hulk in which he returns to Earth and take revenge against those who sent him away at the first place. Could this be one of the plots in Avengers 4? It’s totally within the realm of possibility that the green monster turns against his own fellow Avengers. How else can we see Hulk-Buster in action? Hehe..

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