The Quickest Speedsters of Marvel Universe

In the MCU we have seen just a few speedsters as of now which do not even come close to what, Flash from the DC universe can accomplish. But in the Marvel Comics Universe, we have several speedsters that can not only match but may even surpass the speedster from the DC universe. Over the years we have witnessed multiple super-powered beings in the Marvel Comics Universe go faster than the speed of sound and even light, but many of us have still not been made aware of their presence as they hail from the Marvel comics universe. So here is a list of the quickest speedsters from the Marvel storyline.

10. Quicksilver

Avengers turned into Marvel greatest traitors
Quickest Speedsters of Marvel

Quicksilver aka Pietro Maximoff gained his superspeed through a wide range of experiments conducted on him by the Higher evolutionary along with her sister. Quicksilver was the first official speedster in the Marvel storyline that we knew of or were introduced to and during a particular issue post consumption of a chemical named ‘Isotope X’ created by the higher evolutionary boosted his speed up to 270 miles/sec which is approximately 0.0014 times the speed of light.

 9. Hyperion

Marvel Comics Superman

Probably a take at DC’s Superman, Hyperion was a member of the Squadron Supreme from an alternate reality. Marcus Milton eventually became the Marvel Comics Universe’s most powerful and fastest superhero ever. In his alternate reality, Hyperion can gain abilities similar to the Eternals and can run faster than the speed of Mach 4 and fly faster with speeds exceeding 370 miles per second which close to 0.00198623 times the speed of light.

 8. Hermes

Quickest Speedsters of Marvel
Quickest Speedsters of Marvel

In the Marvel Comics Universe Asgardians are not the only descendants of god, we also have Hermes Diaktoros who is the actual Greek god of travel. Well known for his powers of delivering a message to other gods, Hermes has been recognized as the fastest beings in Mount Olympus. On foot, with help from his winged shoes, Hermes can travel about one mile per second, but it’s when he takes flight is when he truly becomes one with speed with him achieving a speed limit up to 185,620 miles per second which is approximately 0.99644 times the speed of light.

 7. Spectrum

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Once Monica Rambeau was able to master her control over the powers which she could conjure from the multiple selections of energies within the electromagnetic spectrum. She was able to transform into light herself and attain speeds only imaginable by mere mortals. Even though she would still be beaten at the Galactic Marathon, Monica Rambeau can achieve speeds of up to 186,282 miles per second which nearly close to 0.99999 times the speed of light, all this without being a danger to the planet she does it on which may result in planetary destruction.

 6. Nova (Richard Rider)

Nova Marvel Green Lantern

As a member of the Nova Corps, Richard had access to the Nova Force which allowed him to travel at superhuman speeds both within an atmosphere or in the empty vacuum of space. With the Nova Corps destroyed he became the last vessel for the entire Nova Force which pushed him to the upper echelons of Marvel’s fastest speedsters. Nova has to maintain caution when he is on a said planet or passing one to avoid the planet getting destroyed and being ripped into sherds by the sonic ripples caused when he moves through the planet’s atmosphere and in the empty vacuum space the trail of space stones which catch momentum alongside him and might hit a planet at great speeds and in turn cause planetary destruction when he decides to go top speed. Nova’s highest speed is 186,282 miles per second which is 0.99999 times the speed of light.

 5. NorthStar

Jean-Paul Beaubier was blessed with an explicit X-gene with gave him a set of supernatural abilities along with the power of flight. NorthStar has been already dubbed as the “fastest mutant alive”, he has been known to record his speed during flight exceeding the speed of light and that if he does touch this limit, he might end up tearing himself and the planet below him in pieces. NorthStar’s maximum velocity has been recorded at 189,299 miles per second which is approximately 1.01619 times the speed of light.

 4. The Sentry

Gladiator vs Hyperion vs The Sentry
Quickest Speedsters of Marvel

The Marvel second answer to DC’s Superman, Bob Reynolds posses a host of powers including super-fast speed which wasn’t the result of any cosmic event, but rather a serum called the Golden Sentry Serum created by the curators of the Weapon X project and the former Third Reich Scientists. Sentry has been known to travel from the earth to Sun in a matter of a second which puts his speed well above the speed of light quotient. Sentry can travel far distances without letting additional mass gather on his body by restructuring his molecular structure mid-flight allowing him to keep his speed constant and even at a time increasing it. Sentry has been known to touch speeds of 3,000,000 miles per second which is close to 16.10458 times the speed of light.

 3. Silver Surfer

Superheroes Who Got Major Power Upgrades
Superheroes Who Got Major Power Upgrades

Manifested from a chunk of the universe’s cosmic energy, Norrin Radd dedicated his entire life’s service to Galactus in return for sparring his planet from and imminent doom. The Silver surfer has been know to travel the distance of a lightyear in a mere second bring his speeds up to 6 trillion miles per second. Very few beings have ever seen the edge of the galaxy, but with the speed that the Silver Surfer has at his reckoning, he can enter the hyperspace and travel from one end to the other end in the time a normal series episode lasts. Silver surfers’ top speed has been clocked at 5,878,492,132,464 miles per second which approximately comes down to 31556884.73 times the speed of light.

 2. Makkari

A member of the Eternals whose name is said to invoke the myth of Mercury lives up to his expectation of godly speed. Makkari was able to channel his Eternal physiology into super speed and thus became the fastest being on the planet. But Makkari never stopped there, he traveled far and wide in search of absolute speed and finally attained it and proved it by defeating all the contenders of the Galactic Marathon, even defeating the reigning number one speedster in the entire Marvel Comics Universe. Makkari’s has achieved “Absolute Speed” which can practically be limitless.

 1. Runner

Quickest Speedsters of Marvel
Quickest Speedsters of Marvel

Reigning the top for practically centuries now, we have the Runner. He is an Elder of the universe just like the Grandmaster and the Collector, which means he is one of the oldest beings in the universe and the last surviving member of his race, and also the co-owner of the Power Primordial. Originally called Gilpetperdon, the runner has not been a part of the scheme that is being employed by his fellow elders and is only interested in being the fastest in the universe. For the last 2 billion years he has successfully managed to do that, every year he hosts a race called the “Galactic Marathon” where competes with the other speedsters of the universe and not more than often loses the race on purpose as he holds himself back. At maximum velocity and the space stone in his hand, the runner reaches the place that he hasn’t even thought about yet making him the fastest of them all.

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