4 EPIC Cameos Hidden In Your Favorite Movies

Cameos in the movies are a fine way to bring on familiar faces even if we get to see them for a couple of seconds. Generally, the whole point of incorporating cameos is to familiarize certain characters in front of us. However, sometimes directors become kind of sneaky, veiling the faces behind CGI, masks, and makeups. And sometimes you would be astonished to see them in some other role you would never expect. Maybe it is a fun way to portray the characters’ involvement. Here are four movie cameos that were hidden in our favorite movies.

Famous Musicians in Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire


Well, you might not have noticed that the movie also featured famous Scottish rock band, Franz Ferdinand. They played the role of weird sisters. When they dropped out, some British famous musicians took over with Jason Buckle of All Seeing I, Steven Claydon of Add N to X play rhythm guitar and bagpipes, Jonny Greenwood and Phil Selway of Radiohead joins as the lead guitarist and drummer. Meanwhile, Jarvis Cocker and Steve Davis of Pop covers bass and vocals of the visiting band.

Richard Branson in Casino Royale


The top British business magnate Richard Branson makes a brief appearance in the Casino Royale. In a report Branson said is a fan of 007. During a scene at the airport when flight security checks passengers, the producer allowed him to appear in the movie. Well, Branson has appeared in several movies like  Around The World and Superman Returns.

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