8 Mind-blowing Abilities of Mysterio Which Makes Him A Worthy Adversary of Spider-Man

The friendly-neighbourhood Spider-Man is one of the most popular heroes in the Marvel Universe. But the true brilliance of a superhero comes out when he/she fights off an equally powerful antagonist. Fortunately, Spider-Man boasts of a rogue gallery which consists of some of the best super-villains from Marvel. Some of the most popular villains from the infamous rogue gallery are Doctor Octopus, Venom, Green Goblin, Carnage, Vulture, Hunter and a few more. While most of them were fortunate enough to be adapted on the silver screen, a few have been left out. But recently, the news about the trippiest adversary of Spider-Man who has stayed in the shadows will be making his debut on the silver screen. Enter, the master of illusions, Mysterio!

Being a superhuman himself, Spider-Man is endowed with insane strength, agility and his famous Spider Sense, which allows him to sense danger. On top of that, Peter Parker is a genius, who has outsmarted some of the best brains in the Marvel Universe. To challenge him, most of his foes are also endowed with some kind of super-power. This is where Mysterio stands apart. While there have been various incarnations of this lesser known antagonist, the original Mysterio, Quentin Beck is a normal human being, who uses his wits and guts to challenge Spider-Man.

Quentin Beck was originally a stunt-man, who possessed extensive knowledge regarding the special effects which is basically used to create illusions. After a failed attempt to become an actor, Quentin decides to use his illusionary skills to become a supervillain. But in the process, he is defeated by Spider-Man, which ends his career in the film industry. Seeking vengeance, Quentin decides to put all his focus on honing his skills to become one of the most challenging villains for Spider-Man. As the news of Mysterio being a part of Spiderman: Homecoming 2 is making the rounds, here we have compiled a list of powers which makes him a worthy adversary of Spider-Man.

 1. Master of Illusions

Having worked in the special effects department for a long time, Mysterio has extensive knowledge in the art of illusions and deceptions, which has allowed him to fool Spider-Man and his famous Spider Sense on numerous occasions. His mastery over illusion extends to staging deaths which can fool some of the brightest minds in the Marvel Universe.

2. Proficient in Hand-to-Hand Combat

As Quentin worked as a stunt-man for many years, his proficiency in the field of martial arts has allowed him to go one-on-one with Spider-Man and Daredevil.

3. Hypnotism

One of the abilities which make Mysterio truly dangerous is hypnotism. Being a master hypnotist, Mysterio can plant false ideas to instigate anyone. Also, he can make others believe in events which have never happened, leading to some dire consequences.

4. High-end Technology

Part of Mysterio’s abilities can be attributed to his intelligent use of robotics which helps him to fight a much more powerful Spider-Man. He uses a Plexiglas to conceal his identity, which also protects him from the hypnogens and hallucination-inducing gases which he uses. He also uses specially made robotic footwear which allows him to leap great heights and cling to walls with ease. His entire gear is fitted with instruments which deploy a variety of gases, from sleep inducing to lethal ones. He also uses Sonar for navigation, as his helmet and extensive use of mist blocks most of his vision. He also packs offensive weapons like laser beams. His suit has the ability to electrocute, in case anyone touches it.

5. Brilliant Chemist

Mysterio deploys a lot of gases to keep Spider-Man at bay. He constantly travels with an envelope of mist surrounding him, which conceals his presence. He has also created certain gases which dulls Spider-Man’s Spider Senses, making him vulnerable to attacks. His expertise in the field of chemistry has allowed him to devise a gas which can eat through Spider-Man’s webs, giving Mysterio the upper hand. His hypnogens and hallucination inducing gases makes his victims more susceptible to his hypnosis, making them slaves to his will.

6. Telekinesis

As the mantle of Mysterio is just not exclusive to Quentin Beck, another villain who uses his mutant abilities to even make things worse for Spiderman is Francis Klum. Being a mutant, Klum possesses Telekinesis, which allows him to move objects with his mental projections.

7. Limited Telepathy


Klum’s telepathic powers are a bit different from that of Professor Xavier’s as he doesn’t really control anyone’s mind. Instead, he has the ability to control others’ bodies, without controlling their minds.

8. Teleportation

Abilities of Mysterio spider-man

This single ability of Francis Klum has made him a worthy successor to Quentin Beck, the first Mysterio. Using this ability, Klum can travel long distances within a matter of seconds. Also, he can teleport other beings to his desired locations, if they come within his proximity.

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