WandaVision- Episode 8 Will Be The Longest So Far

WandaVision episode 7 was released this Friday and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not the same since then. A revelation that everyone was waiting for has finally been made. At long last, the Agatha Harkness revelation has been made. It only took nearly seven entire episodes to get there, but Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) finally revealed herself as the classic Marvel sorceress in the waning moments of “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” showing fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that she’s another character that dabbles in the mystic arts.

People have often pointed out that WandaVision’s episodes are not long enough and that the credits take up half of the length of the show. But that seems to be changing now. According to Reddit user u/Plenty_Echidna_544, WandaVision episode eight will run for 47 minutes. The same user accurately revealed the runtime for last week’s episode, “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” which clocked in at 37 minutes.

In WandaVision episode 7, Scarlet Witch’s new reality begins to glitch more than ever before, with things spiraling further and further out of her control – until it’s confirmed, at last, that she was never in control, to begin with. Agnes finally steps out of the shadows, confirming the long-held (if seemingly debunked) theory that she is actually the witch known as Agatha Harkness, and has been manipulating things from the very beginning. The episode’s ending finds Wanda trapped in a basement with Agatha, but that’s not all there is.

Since Monica is trying to help Wanda, then this would set up a fascinating fight for the next episode: Monica, imbued with her Spectrum powers ((and even an outfit that nods to the costume), alongside Scarlet Witch vs. Agatha and Pietro. It’s possible that will still happen, but it’s also interesting that Monica’s eyes appear to be a different color in WandaVision episode 7’s post-credits scene.

When she was powered up earlier, they glowed blue; at this moment, when she opens up the entrance to head down into the basement, they’re a darker purple, fitting with the same color of Agatha Harkness’ magic, seen in the vines on the staircase Monica is looking at. This suggests that, simply by being exposed to it, Monica could already have fallen under Agatha’s magical spell and be controlled by her. Quicksilver’s eyes aren’t glowing, but that is presumably part of Agatha’s magic itself since walking around with purple eyes would be something of a giveaway.

Speculations lead to the fact that even Monica is under Agatha’s control. If yes, hen it further stacks the odds against Wanda and Vision, leaving the latter – alongside Darcy, unless she’s still stuck at the lights – as the only hope for defeating Agatha and saving Wanda, Billy, Tommy ((if the twins can still be saved, that is, as it’s left unclear what happened to them), and the rest of Westview’s inhabitants. The vines hint that Agatha is perhaps feeding off Westview, with the Hex and Scarlet Witch’s powers imbuing her own, which means it’s going to be an incredibly difficult hurdle to overcome in WandaVision’s closing installments.

WandaVision, with episode 7, introduced a new superhero, that is Monica Rambeau. As she struggles to enter Wanda’s newly modified Hex, it seems that her DNA lineage is completely altered and the viewers see the birth of a new Avenger, possibly. Wanda’s world is crumbling around her, out of her control. In the biggest twist, depending on who you’re asking, WandaVision also may have finally revealed its big bad. Kathryn Hahn’s nosy neighbor Agnes was finally confirmed to be none other than sorceress Agatha Harkness.

As we said earlier, even at 47 minutes the episode will mount to 40 minutes, excluding the over-extended credits sequence with no possible Easter eggs. Even with the credits sequence, and another possible mid-credits surprise, the episode should run about forty minutes long. That puts it at several minutes longer than WandaVision’s second-longest entry, with episode five, “On A Very Special Episode…” running 41 minutes with credits included. With how much ground WandaVision needs to cover, fans will take as much as they can get.

Fans are still looking forward to a bigger reveal than Agatha’s because people believe that even Agatha is under someone’s control. Theories can be really far-fetched as there are no limitations to the imagination. Mephisto or Nightmare could still be lingering somewhere in the shadows, and, seeing as Agatha is usually more ally than foe to Wanda, a reveal like that would make sense.

On top of that, WandaVision reverted to MCU tradition with its mid-credits sequence that showed Monica meeting “Pietro” for the first time. All of this indicates that WandaVision is gearing up for the explosive ending and longer episode runtimes certainly hint at the scale of the impending showdown.

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