15 X-Men Movie Rumors Post Deadpool 2 We Hope Are Not True!!!

Deadpool 2 has rocked our world yet again. The Merc with a mouth seems like the only viable X-Men property that could give back to back blockbusters for Fox Studios. While Deadpool 2 is still running in theaters, there are rumors circulating about the larger X-Men franchise. These rumors indicate a paradigm shift for the X-Men Universe and it all boils down to Deadpool 2. Presenting 15 X-Men Movie rumors Post Deadpool 2 we hope are not true!!!

There will be dinosaurs

After Dark Phoenix takes the X-men to Outer Space, there is yet another unexplored piece of comic book history that the X-Men movies might be entering into. Rumor is that the studio has declared a casting call for Sauron and Luna, residents of Savage Land, the legendary Dinosaur World of Marvel Comics.

Someone will die

Deadpool 2 x-men

Set photos reveal the X-Men attending a funeral. We still don’t know what name the Tombstone carries. Considering the trend that started with Logan and Infinity War, Death will be used as a plot device in Dark Phoenix too.

It will be a two-part movie

After Infinity War, Dark phoenix might be heading towards a similar fate. Reports indicate that the actors of Dark Phoenix have been signed up for more than one movie. The words of Olivia Munn also lay credence to this theory.

It will be the final X-Men movie

This is yet another theory that completely contradicts the previous one. With Disney hovering above Fox Studios, the studio executives claim that the team that have fans the X-Men movies could just be dismissed to make way for the MCU.

New Mutants is a trilogy series

The most experimental superhero movie ever is Fox Studios’ New Mutants movie. It is superhero action mixed with psychological horror. But New Mutants might not be a single movie. Rumors point to the fact that there will be more than one, possibly three such New Mutants movies.

Deadpool 3 may never happen

Ryan Reynolds’ words are truly troubling. He explicitly stated that Deadpool 3 might never happen. Josh Brolin has signed up for three appearances as Cable in the Fox-verse. Deadpool and Brolin might be heading towards an X-Force movie leaving the solo superhero action flick series in dangerous waters.

Jessica Chastain is playing Miss Sinister

Mister Sinister has been teased incessantly in the latest X-Men movies but never has had a full blown appearance. John Hamm was supposed to play Nathaniel Essex in New Mutants but reshoots has taken that away from us too. As it turns out, the Studio wants the core X-Men movie to feature the female version of the villain.

Daniel Cudmore will reprise his role as Colossus

The new Colossus in the Deadpool movies really did strike a chord with the fans. The old one, played by Daniel Cudmore in the core X-Men movies, was a huge letdown. Fox has roped in Cudmore for an as of yet undisclosed role. Let us hope it is not Colossus.

Rogue and Dazzler

Rogue has been a part of all three X-men movies, to be more precise, the first trilogy. Her coming back to the franchise might ring a lot of alarms since the trilogy did not go that well. Dazzler has never been a part of the X-Men movies. Will she be able to garner attention? We hope she does.

All the movies are connected

Riddle me this – What if all the three X-Men movies end up being one huge movie series? For example, if Deadpool’s comedy crosses over with the horror genre of New Mutants and the action-adventure genre of Dark Phoenix. Sounds pretty nasty but the rumors say that this might just happen.

Oscar Isaac will be back as Apocalypse

Apocalypse is one of the worst movie super villains ever. X-Men: Apocalypse proved that to us. But the studio just might not be done with Oscar Isaac. He might be returning to the X-Men movies as Apocalypse again.

Olivia Munn might return as Psylocke

At least Oscar Isaac tried his best to give Apocalypse some form of justice in the movie, but Olivia Munn’s Psylocke was an absolute train wreck. Rumor is she might be returning to reprise her role as the femme fatale.

There will be Skrulls in Dark Phoenix

The Skrulls are a malevolent species of aliens that have the power to shape shift into any being in the universe. They will be featured in Marvels’ upcoming Captain Marvel movie in 2019. But Skrulls are also X-Men property and Fox may think that it is the right decision to cast these maniacs in Dark Phoenix too. Double trouble!!!

Dark Phoenix is set ten years after Apocalypse

The fact that the Studio execs never give a damn about continuity is baffling indeed. X-Men: First Class happened in the 60’s. X-Men: Apocalypse is set ten years later in the late 70’s. Dark Phoenix is set in the 90’s. What is troubling is the fact that the Studio hasn’t taken into account that no character has aged even a bit even though the movie is set at least thirty years after First Class.

The Disney-Fox merger might never even happen

Blame Comcast for this one. The Disney-Fox deal was about to be set in stone with almost six months of hard work by both the parties finally coming to fruition. But then Comcast threw a monkey wrench into the whole ordeal. As a result, the Disney-Fox merger might never happen and the X-Men may very well never meet the Avengers in the same frame again.

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