10 Iconic Movies Scenes That Were Shot In One Take

Iconic Movies Scenes Shot In One Take:

Can you believe that “Here is Johnny!” from The Shining took three whole days to get shot. Getting a scene in a single take is a miracle like rain with a chance of meatball. A scene that looked easy and regular on the screen may have needed hundreds of takes. Actors are required to do even the most boring and insignificant sequences over and over again. The directors see what we can’t and therefore spend days in achieving the ideal expression from the actors. Believe it or not, there are some sequences that were filmed in one go. Only the most experienced ones who can dive deep into their characters can show this wizardry. Find out the 10 iconic movie scenes in Hollywood that were shot in one take.

 1. Makeup Scene in ‘I, Tonya’

Hollywood has never seen a talented star like Margot Robbie who can give so much life and energy to a character. One of the most touching scenes of ‘I, Tonya’ was the one where Margot was putting on makeup while fighting with her inner emotions. In those few seconds, she took us through her storm of feelings simply through her expressions. It was so real and palpable that it felt like someone dropped a brick in our chest. Margot gave that scene in one shot as if she wasn’t acting.

 2. Cutting The Arm In ‘127 Hours’

Iconic Movies Scenes Shot In One Take

James Franco gave a solid expression of a man in excruciating pain. Even though we knew that he was just pretending to cut his arm, his eyes and expressions screamed otherwise. Apparently, he was able to make a convincing face in one take.

 3. Final Monologue in ‘No Country for Old Men’

If you have seen this film then we bet that Tommy Lee Jones’s concluding words echoed in your mind for a long time. He beautifully talked about two dreams that threw us into deep thought after the scene cut to black. That intense monologue was delivered by him in one take.

 4. Poem Scene in ’10 Things I Hate About You’

Iconic Movies Scenes Shot In One Take
Iconic Movies Scenes Shot In One Take

In the acting world, crying is perceived as one of the toughest ways to test an actor. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to cry the right amount and the right way for the camera. But Julia Stiles touched our hearts with her emotional poem and the way she broke into tears. It was the highlight of the movie.

 5. Joker’s Iconic Walk After Blowing Up The Hospital

Heath Ledger gave us the most legendary Joker in the history of Batman and proved that he was made for the role. Some of his heavy moments in the movie are still watched and give us goosebumps. One of them was him leaving the hospital premises carefree while the building was exploding behind him. The studio couldn’t blow up the building more than once and so the shot had to be perfect in the first take.

 6. The Final Speech in ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’

Iconic Movies Scenes Shot In One Take
Iconic Movies Scenes Shot In One Take

To Kill A Mockingbird is a story that changed many of our lives. The theme and the actors left a deep impression in our minds. Gregory Peck gave a powerfully stunning performance that also earned him an Academy Award for the best actor. He was a fine and rare talent who effortlessly gave his profound speech in one take. Some people are truly born with natural talents.

 7. Luke and Leia’s Swing

You would think that swinging by Jabba the Hutt’s barge would require a lot of takes to grab the perfect shot due to its awkward pose. But Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher were-stars by birth. He pulled off the stunt like a pro with Princess Leia in his arms.

 8. Wading Through The Grand Staircase

Titanic mesmerized the world by its beauty and quaint décor. Since James Cameron is a man of perfection and authenticity, he decided to sink the whole set for real. But, once drowned, the props and interior couldn’t be redecorated the same way. Therefore, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio had to do the intense final moments on the Grand Staircase in one shot.

 9. Lassie In The River in ‘Lassie Comes Home’

The adorable collie in the iconic film was the real star of the show. In one of the scenes, Lassie had to swim through the river all by himself. He did as he was instructed and continued rolling even after clambering back to the land.

 10. Rocky Opening Up To Adrian

We were simply carried away by Rocky’s feelings when he shared his dreams and inhibitions. Sylvester Stallone was so expressive that we could see right into Rocky’s heart. It was one of the greatest and most reverberating moments of the movie.

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