10 Best Moments From The Latest Captain Marvel Trailer

This first Captain Marvel trailer packed a whole lot of goodies from the movie. Marvel is so amazing at editing trailers as they were able to put in so much within a 1 Minute & 57 Seconds trailer. The best part about it was that it packed a lot of Carol Danvers and Captain Marvel, which is what people were hoping to see. And amidst all that, we got glimpses of so many things that people actually ended up missing from the trailer. There was nothing bad about this trailer, except for some unfinished CGI here and there, which will obviously be refined once the movie comes out in 6 months. Here are the best moments from the trailer:

 1. Blockbuster Video

Right from the moment when the trailer begins, we are shown Captain Marvel crash landing on the surface of Earth. The building that she crashes into turns out to be Blockbuster Video which hits you right in the feels as that straight up signifies the 90s, where the movie is actually taking place. There are going to be so many other things that are going to make you remember the 90s and that is what’s so great about this film. It will make you nostalgic in almost every scene set on Earth.

 2. The Train Battle

We are shown a cool car chase scene, and that turns right into a battle on the train. They were obviously two different scenes edited together, but the fact that we got to see Captain Marvel in action was just amazing. Everyone wants to see her powers in action, and even though we got just a glimpse of it, the scene looked pretty amazing. Hopefully, the next story trailer will give us more of an insight into this scene.

 3. The Origin of Nick Fury

The trailer brought in a Nick Fury who had both eyes open! Until now, we’ve seen a version of Fury who is pretty dope and a total badass, but he ain’t a field agent in this movie. He is more of a behind-the-desk man till now, and as soon as he’s about to hang it all up, Carol Danvers makes an entry into his life, and that changes everything!

 4. Young Phil Coulson

When EW magazine gave us a look at the key characters from the movie, Captain Marvel, they only left out Marvel’s favourite agent of SHIELD. Over the years people have grown to love Agent Coulson and his death in the Avengers was pretty sorrowful, but he was later brought back for 5 whole seasons on TV. Now, we will get to see how he became the man that we’ve grown to like so much. The trailer gave us only a glimpse of Coulson in his younger days, but what we saw was amazing. His slick back hair, trademark Coulson Smile. It was great.

 5. Carol’s backstory

As this trailer was Carol heavy, we got to see all the stages of her life in motion. We saw Carol as a child, as a renegade soldier, as a Kree Starforce Warrior, and most importantly, taking form as Captain Marvel. The movie is taking a different take on her origin, and we saw that the movie would begin with her being Captain Marvel for some time, and then remembering her pre-Captain Marvel life as Carol Danvers.

 6. Captain Marvel punching an old lady

While most fans were actually pissed to see Captain Marvel punch an innocent old lady, there was perhaps a big hint to the Skrulls in this particular scene. Since Carol has been Captain Marvel for a while and fought against the shapeshifting Aliens, she’d totally recognize one when she sees it. So, this sucker punch was given to a Skrull hiding in plain sight amongst the humans. The thought of more Skrulls amongst Earthlings just gives us chills, and this little moment did instigate that thought!

 7. Ronan the Accuser

We know that Ronan from Guardians of the Galaxy will make his return in this MCU prequel, we have only seen him in two of the photos that were revealed by EW. This trailer did not give us a lot on him, but there was a little scene that brought in Ronan. That little scene was enough to bring in the thinking of how Ronan will grow into an enraged Kree fanatic. It will lay down his path to villainy.

 8. Carol’s memories being taken

This scene may not be the one which shows Carol’s memories being wiped off, but it does totally signify that. Carol is being held Captive in here but we could imagine the dark storyline of how someone from the Kree is actually responsible for taking away the memories of Carol’s pre-Captain Marvel days.

 9. The Comic-accurate Helmet

No one really thought that we would see Carol wear the trademark helmet of Captain Marvel in the movie, but the creatives actually found a way cooler way to bring that in! The Helmet comes in as a piece of Armour on the Kree fight suit which allows the Kree Soldiers to be able to go on missions even under water! Hopefully, the Helmet will be a part of her trademark Blue, Red, and Gold suit as well!

 10. The path to Binary

Captain Marvel Binary Best Moments Captain Marvel Trailer

The very end of the trailer leaves us thinking whether Captain Marvel just went Binary or what! She did not, but still, it does lay down the path for that to happen in the future movies. Also, it signifies how insanely powerful Captain Marvel is! This was surely the best moment in the entire trailer.

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