New Wolverine Image May REVEAL Another Marvel Hero In The Movie

The upcoming Wolverine film “Logan” has been giving fans glimpses into what to expect with their vigorous online campaign. Pictures from the film’s set have been uploaded weekly by Wponx  to give updates and new queries about the film. Director James Mangold has also given pivotal characters light on his social media. Pictures of Laura aka X-23, Donald Pierce, Caliban, Professor X and Wolverine himself have been uploaded online to ravenous fan frenzy.

capture  The latest “Logan” picture that was loaded on Instagram  which raised some speculations of a another Marvel hero in the film. The picture shows a  close up of a mystery man’s back as he clutches a pipe in both hands. Fans on the site had questioned whether or not it is the character of Gambit. The site does not give any indication of Gambit being in the picture, although the ring seems to belong to an important member of the cast. It could be a Reaver or even Donald Pierce.


Gambit has already been featured in a feature film with Wolverin in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Actor Taylor Kitsch played the character of Gambit but was deeply criticized for being too unlike the comic character. Channing Tatum has been signed on to play Gambit in a new film, although the film had the bad luck of losing two directors already. Could Tatum be making a cameo in the upcoming film to give a taste of what’s to come? At this point, it is highly unlikely.


Logan already seems jam packed with a rich story line that harks back to the Old Man Logan and Death of Wolverine story arcs. Mangold has already declared the film to be unlike any other Wolverine film that has been made, even declaring it to be not a superhero movie altogether. Quite a statement to make, but hopefully not a bad one.

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