Flash Season 2: Is Zoom the Most Terrifying Villain Ever?

Wasn’t Flash TV show supposed to be the opposite of Arrow? Wasn’t it being pitched as a family show? Remember what Oliver told Barry Allen in the last year’s crossover episode “We don’t have villains with cute nicknames in Starling city”. But it all changed the moment Zoom entered the fray. He turned the Flash TV show into a dark, brooding saga of a mad masked crusader wreaking havoc in the Central city and Team Flash is left deeply scarred with new wounds inflicted upon them. He first kidnapped Jesse (daughter of Earth-2 Prof. Wells), then he kidnapped Wally west and traded his life with Flash’s speed force, he then captured Caitlin Snow as he obsesses over her, traumatized her so much that she has developed some kind of Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and finally killed Henry Allen (father of Barry Allen) to make him believe that both of them are the same. They both saw their mothers die in front of them and they are driven to be the best speedsters.


We should know the evolution of Hunter Zolomon becoming Zoom. He acquired speed-force as a result of particle accelerator explosion, experimented with sizeable quantities of Velocity-9 drug, got addicted to it, further developed a blue lightning force which had a negative impact on his mind. He is very much akin to the character of Avery in Netflix series, who was framed and went to jail for a crime he did’nt commit, and then after he was released he was again accused of murder and went behind the bars. Hunter Zolomon was an innocent child who witnessed the murder of his own mother, sent to foster care, and then thrown into Earth-2 prison system, subjected to torture, and finally became a convicted serial killer. He was then exposed to dark matter as a result of particle accelerator explosion on Earth-2 and became Zoom.


Clearly, Zoom is the most terrifying villain of the Flash TV show, Reverse flash could’nt possibly have this kind of dark imagination to meet his sinister end, he infact helped Flash crack time formula when he went back in time. But Is Zoom comparable with the greatest villains ever?


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