10 Questions We Have After Loki Episode 6, “For All Time. Always”

The finale of Disney+’s Loki aired on July 15. The first season ended on a cliffhanger and now all the left-out things will be answered in Season 2. Now talking about Season 1, Loki is now the hero of the show and he and Sylvie try to find the real-time-keeper. The multiverse has unleashed and there will be a lot of chaos in MCU’s upcoming events. Since there will be a Season 2, the time-traveling adventures have just started. But the time concept is complex and so things will not be simple as MCU proceeds in Phase Four. Here are 10 questions we have after Loki Episode 6:

1. How will the TVA tackle these new Problems?

Everyone is now in a problem and this also includes the folks of the original TVA universe. But the Nexus has reached the threshold and the multiverse is inevitable. It looks like Mobius and Hunter B-15 are on their own because the final moments show Loki in a separate TVA universe. Now since the second season has been already confirmed, something is going to happen at the TVA as they try to oversee the multiverse and try to prevent the catastrophe from happening.

2. How will Kang try to conquer other universes?

One fact must be mentioned here that He Who Remains never formally referred to himself as Kang. But most of the fans know that Jonathan Majors, who plays the role of He Who Remains, will be seen as Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania in 2023. He reveals here that he was one of the good ones. But the other variants tried to wage war against the others. So he created the Scared Timeline to prevent this from increasing. Now since he is dead, it leaves a few concerns of the He Who Remains coming to fruition and mostly in the form of time-traveling Kang the Conqueror. Also, how he moves forward with his plans and what he hopes to accomplish as the rising new big bad are necessary to set up Phase Four.

3. What is Sylvie’s next plan of action?

Sylvie has now become a fan favorite since her debut in the series. But she has caused a chain of events to happen since she killed He Who Remains. Her mission is accomplished but it has the consequences of unleashing the multiverse. She was in the chamber of He Who Remains and might go on the run or to a separate timeline. But people are curious about what Sylvie will do now because she purposely sent Loki back to the TVA and did not think about the consequences of her revenge quest.

4. Where did Ravonna go?

Questions We Have After Loki Episode 6

It looks like TVA’s important judge Ravonna Renslayer has her plans. But they are different from the others. Mobius thinks that variants have free will but Ravonna is more conservative and believes that the Time-Keeper created the TVA and Sacred Timeline for order. She has claimed allegiance to the Time-Keeper and is curious to know about TVA’s origins. The last moments show Ravonna entering a portal and it is unknown where she went and the information she uncovers.

5. In which Universe is Loki now?

Loki came back to the TVA headquarters at the end of the series. He found a different variant of Mobius and Hunter B-15. They don’t know that the multiverse had broken and Loki sees a statue of He Who Remains that he just met. But the major question is in which universe is Loki located and how he would return to the correct TVA universe. Now since He Who Remains is dead, he has to fix the timeline and prevent the bad things like a formidable and dangerous bring.

6. What happened to the other Loki variants?

The focus of Loki was on Loki and Sylvie. But the last few episodes introduced more versions of Loki that included Alligator Loki, Classic Loki, and Kid Loki. Classic Loki buys more time for Loki and Sylvie so that they can bypass Alioth. Classic Loki sacrifices himself in the process. It is unknown what happened to Election Loki and Boastful Loki. Kid Loki and Alligator Loki sought shelter. But with the Nexus above the threshold, viewers are unaware of what happened to the other Loki variants and if they would return in Season 2.

7. Will we see Alioth again?

Alioth was shown as a cloud-like being and it ensures that nothing ever returns. But He Who Remains revealed that he controlled Alioth to hide and protect himself from the people who were looking for him. Sylvie and Loki managed to charm Alioth and let themselves enter to meet He Who Remains. It is confirmed that Alioth is still alive since he is a powerful being. But it is unknown if it will serve a purpose in the future or its work is now done in its due course.

8. Will Mobius and Loki reunite?

Questions We Have After Loki Episode 6

Mobius and Loki were a duo that has now become a fan favorite. They had some distrust but they later made some peace and worked together to stop the Time-Keeper. They last met in Void where they go their separate paths where Loki joins Sylvie and Mobius goes back to TVA. Loki later encounters Mobius at the end of the series but this one cannot understand what Loki is saying and cannot recognize him. It is a moment that has left most of us to wonder if the pair will reunite or not in the second season.

9. Where was Mobius on the Sacred Timeline?

The series revealed that all the people working at the TVA are also variants. This also includes Mobius and Ravonna Renslayer. Most of the episodes have showcased the timelines of various variants like Hunter C-20 at the bar and Ravonna as a school staff member. Mobius is a likable character but his place on the Sacred Timeline was not revealed. Possibly his real name is not Mobius M. Mobius. Fans are not curious about his timeline but the one hint is that it might have something to do with the jet skis.

10. How will the multiverse unleash in the coming projects?

The multiverse is now slowly being introduced in the MCU. Loki has now unleashed it and its impact will be seen in the upcoming MCU projects. Possibly, Spider-Man: No Way Home will bear the atrocities of the multiverse. Fans are curious to know how Loki will set up things in the MCU. Doctor Strange will appear in No Way Home and he is central to the makings of the multiverse and also leads up to his sequel film, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Now it has to be seen how the execution of the multiverse will impact the MCU.

These are the questions we have after Loki Episode 6. Let us know in the comments.

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