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Theory: Sylvie Bombing The Sacred Timeline May Create The Mutants

Loki episode 2, “The Variant,” revamped the entire MCU. Until the next episode, we can only theorize where things will go from here. I mean, in just 2 episodes, the Loki Disney+ series has given us so much to digest. The first episode told us about the Time Keepers and their Sacred Timeline.  And in the second episode, Lady Loki bombed the Sacred Timeline and sent the TVA into utmost turmoil. Now, considering that Disney bought Fox and the mutants are on their way, could be the instance that leads to it? Moreover, mutants are deeply embedded in the history of Marve. Hence, people think they will be introduced via the multiverse. Moreover, a theory suggests that Sylvie bombing the Sacred Timeline may create the mutants, hence welcoming them to the MCU.

Sylvie’s Actions Could Create The Mutants

Sylvie bombing the Sacred Timeline

Lady Loki first properly appeared in episode 2 at a 1985 Renaissance fair in Wisconsin. It didn’t take many efforts from her side to take down the team of the TVA minutemen. Just like her previous appearance, she stole the temporal reset charges and took off. The purpose of this was not explained until the end of the second episode. She was next seen at Roxxcart in the year 2050. After successfully fooling the TVA, she revealed her true plan and bombed the entire Sacred Timeline on many places in many years.

The Variant has troubled the TVA for quite some time now. She has blindsided all of the TVA with her plans up until now. However, the aftermath of her bombing was not shown. All we could see was the TVA was in distress, with too many branch realties reaching to a point where they cannot be pruned. Sylvie’s bombing definitely sparked a wave of new realities into existence. Sylvie’s attack goes as far as the 14th century. So, it’s pretty much possible one of the bombs might’ve hit a timeline where humanity’s X gene turned from dormant to dominant. Hence, creating the sub-species of mutants that go as far as history itself in the comics.

Loki has explained that a Nexus timeline accelerates faster depending on the severity of the change. For example, when Loki and Sylvie were falling for each other (presumably), Mobius and Hunter B-15 both were surprised because the timeline was accelerating. That is why they were caught by the TVA. But when it comes to the activation of the X gene, it’s a change that’s significantly more in terms of change. Hence, the branching timeline would have accelerated so quickly that the TVA couldn’t have done anything about it.

The Aftermath of Sylvie’s Bombing

Sylvie bombing the Sacred Timeline

One surprising topic of discussion is that Loki did not really dwell on the aftermath of Sylvie’s bombing. Of course, they showed some definite commotion as the Minutemen ran through their time doors to prune the realities, but nothing after that. The focus of the show shifted from her bombing to the revelation of the Time-Keepers and Loki-Sylvie’s growing relationship. Hence, it is very much possible that we might just learn of an alternate reality that now exists in the MCU.

So, this could be a reality where everything we know doesn’t exist. This is where the mutants are left to develop in the modern era, with a positive end and a negative end. Moreover, Professor X’s X-Men and Magneto’s brotherhood could replace the Avengers, HYDRA, and Thanos. With side characters like the Beast, Storm, Cyclops, and many more. Definitely sounds interesting. Plus, the Disney+ series is anyway expanding and setting up many future projects such as Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 

Introducing mutants will not be an easy task. Marvel would have to answer questions regarding their existence, and they simply cannot pop out of anywhere. Speaking out of the bounds of Loki,  the most obvious route for mutants is for them to take the same Quantum Realm Ant-Man led the Avengers through in Avengers: Endgame. The mysterious plane seems capable of serving as a route between worlds and realities. But even Loki himself can bring these genetically advanced beings to the MCU. Only if we consider that the branch did not get prune.

Loki is currently streaming on Disney+. What do you think about this theory? Do you think that Sylvie bombing the Sacred Timeline could introduce mutants? Let us know in the comments.

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