How Adam Warlock Could Be Connected To Rocket Raccoon

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen some unprecedented growth in recent years. We thought that the franchise will slow down after the Infinity Saga but they have continued to expand beyond our expectations and have reached heights that we could have never imagined. Even the sub-franchise of Guardians Of The Galaxy has taken off much better than originally expected. Now the sub-franchise is set to introduce a cosmic character by the name of Adam Warlock. Fans speculate that Adam Warlock could be connected to Rocket Raccoon in GotG Vol. 3.

One of the greatest mysteries of the Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise is the origin story of Rocket the Raccoon. Although the fans have hinted at the possible origin many times they have not given us any concrete information. Part of the reason may be that the studio may not know the origin of the MCU version of the character. But the latest fan speculation has led us to believe that Adam Warlock could be the key to unlocking this secret in the next Guardians movie. Adam is one of the most important comic characters.


He is a cosmic powerhouse in the marvel multiverse and is often considered the bane of Thanos. Hardcore fans will know that it was Adam Warlock who defeated the Mad Titan when the latter assembled the infinity gauntlet during the first infinity war in the comics. The Golden Gladiator is no one to be scoffed at. His powers are beyond our imagination and his capabilities are almost limitless. The source of his power is the would stone and the story of how he acquires it is of particular interest.


Adam Warlock Could Be Connected To Rocket Raccoon

Adam Warlock had his own solo comic that delved into his origin story. This story includes a character known as the High Evolutionary. The High Evolutionary originally debuted in The Mighty Thor #133. He is a scientist who likes to create enhanced animals through genetic mutations. Most of these animals are friendly but the high revolutionary’s evil schemes have often put him at odds with the marvel comic heroes. One such incident happened when Adam Warlock traveled to Counter-Earth to put a stop to his raging experiments.


This journey was the one that allowed Adam to get his hands on the soul stone. Arguably the true source of Adam’s cosmic powers, the soul stone’s origins made a fitting story for the comic world. But that is not important. Adam Warlock Could Be Connected To Rocket Raccoon because we think that it was the high evolutionary who created Rocket Raccoon in the MCU. He has the technology and the willingness to do so and it would sit in line with the current known history of the character.


Now, comic fans may argue that these two characters had nothing to do with each other in the original book. We concede that that is true but the thing is MCU has not conformed to the comics much. Marvel Studios has been rewriting comic origins as they see fit, and that is ok. But it also means that there is a good chance that this character may be used in Guardians of The Galaxy 3. Both because he is the perfect candidate to be the mad scientist behind rocket and because he could act as the primary antagonist in the movie.


The Possibilities

Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise is yet to delve into the origins of Rocket Raccoon in any way. We have received snippets of Groot’s origins in animated one-shots but Rocket is virgin territory. Since Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 is the last time we will see these characters it is prudent to assume that all the plot threads will be resolved. To tell you the truth we are pretty excited that Adam Warlock Could Be Connected To Rocket Raccoon. But we don’t know whether the story would be realized as we envision it.


At this point, this information is nothing more than fan speculation. We think that a mad scientist is exactly what the series needs. But what do you think about the entire situation? Does our theory make sense? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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