Why The TVA Brought Up The Lady Sif Moment in Loki?

Loki episode 4, “The Nexus Event,” gave us a lot to feast on. The Disney+ series now is approaching its end, with only two more episodes left to go. It was known from earlier that the show will blow our minds with episode 4 but this was something else. We saw Lady Sif in a cameo role when Loki was locked in a time cell by Mobius. Honestly, this was a peculiar moment for the viewers, and for Loki as well. The God of Mischief had to go through a lot, mentally so much more than physically. But this is exactly why Mobius placed him there. But why did he choose the Lady Sif Moment in Loki’s time prison? Let’s dive into it!

Why TVA Brought Up The Lady Sif Moment in Loki’s Time Cell

Loki and Sylvie were arrested by the TVA at Lamentis and brought back to the headquarters. After that, Mobius decided to punish Loki in a different way. He put him in a cell that is capable of time-loop. Whereas Sylvie was put in another holding cell. He chose a time where Loki would get physically hurt, and this is where we saw Lady Sif. Sif was angry and holding a lock of hair that Loki cut. As a result, she speedily approached the God of Mischief, slapped him, kicked him in the groin, and slapped him. But the real damage was done by something else.

The Lady Sif Moment in Loki

Lady Sif continues to torment Loki after the beating, but with her words. She said,I hope you know you deserve to be alone and always will be.” Following this, the Trickster almost too humbly accepted that he’s narcissistic, and a sucker for attention. Sif helps him up, but her words didn’t change. She continued, “You are alone. And you always will be.” Now, this explains why the TVA chose this particular memory. These words strike a dooming doubt in Loki. All the other emotions can be shaken off, but not doubt. Once it creeps in, it doesn’t leave. And Sif did a great job making Loki doubt he can ever achieve redemption.

Sif’s Memory Coincides With Loki’s Plot

Loki, so far, has perfectly dived into the God of Mischief’s real personality. His real intention to kill and hurt people was revealed, and now it is serving Loki’s fear of staying alone. That is why Sif’s memory was so delicately chosen because it somewhat made Loki realize that his fear and torture won’t leave him even after he exits the time or cell or the TVA. Even after apologizing, Sif did not change her comments whatsoever. This could make Loki think that no matter what he does, he will remain alone, as he always has.

Moreover, the TVA could have easily chosen any other memory from Loki’s life till now. For example, witnessing Frigga’s death all over again, or learning about his adoption again, and even Odin’s condemnation. All of it would have impacted him in some way. But these situations are out of Loki’s control. Of course, he would have felt bad about it. But it wouldn’t have impacted so severely as Sif’s comments. That is because Loki cannot pass on the blame in Sif’s case. The reason why he’s getting beaten up is because of his own actions. Plus, she is talking about Loki’s personality.

Loki’s Character Development

Thus far, the show has given us major insight into the same. It included Loki’s ultimate confession that all his display of prowess up to this point is to get attention, and is a play for the weak (himself). Mobius goes on to tell him that he backstabs people, and is a compulsive liar. He told Loki that no matter what he did, his only job is to bring out the best in other people, for example, the Avengers. So right now, combining all these elements, either Loki would go full evil and not caring about all this, or he could finally step his foot on the road of redemption.

Even though this variant of Loki is not fully aware of his life events, he’s experiencing new things. The God of Mischief, notoriously enough, fell in love with his own variant, Sylvie. As Loki stated himself that he has not felt anything of this sort ever, it’s new for us too. So this variant of Loki is going to be different in many aspects, and Lady Sif’s cameo might have just proved that.

So now we know why the TVA chose the Lady Sif Moment in Loki. The show is currently streaming on Disney+.

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