10 Superhero Characters That We All Want To Bang

Superhero characters are our favorite ones to fantasize about. We mostly fantasize about their cool powers and take them as our idols, but we all are humans and our minds would definitely go in the dirty direction once in a while, even when we think about superheroes as they are presented as the ones we dream. Here is a list of superhero characters who are a part of our dirty thoughts and fantasies.


A human being always has multiple individuals whom he/she wish they could be with physically. Imagine if that ever came true! Mystique is a shape shifting mutant who can take any form. She can turn into anyone you want. So being in a relationship with her would mean that you would get to be intimate with anyone you want to if you think about it.


We got a good display of the dirty thoughts people get about Colossus in 2016’s Deadpool, where Deadpool himself gets to touch Colossus’ metal junk and that causes him to have sympathies for his wife. Well, everyone would have sure wondered that having male parts made up of metal would be a good thing to have in bed or not? And also would it enable him to last even longer??

Emma Frost

This particular mutant is sexy as hell! Any male would surely want to have her as his partner. Other than that, she has telepathic abilities, so you have to wonder whether or not she’s ever used telepathy when guessing her partner’s favorite move or kink. She would know what exactly does a person want so being with this hot mutant and getting what you want exactly, would give you moments of sheer pleasure. Also, people love to be rich, so having a girlfriend who can turn into a huge diamond would be a plus point.


Selina Kyle is a hot and a naughty kitty cat that you would not want be on the bad-side of but you would surely wish to be with her. With her whip and full-body tight leather, there’s no way you don’t automatically think “dominatrix.” You would wish to be Batman, not just because of the Batmobile, billions of $ in the bank, but getting to do it with Catwoman would probably be the main reason. Imagine how much fun you could get to have with her flexibility, dexterity, and endurance.

The Hulk

This though would surely have crossed the minds of every female fan who loves huge wankers because if you would imagine, it is not just the muscles of the body that are growing big when Banner turns into Hulk, each body part grows bigger. May God have mercy on Black Widow when she is doing it with the Hulk and he loses control!

Luke Cage

We got to see Luke Cage having a lot of “coffee” in the Netflix shows he was involved with. First Jessica Jones, then Misty Knight and the Clare Temple, all of them got to enjoy the unbreakable person to be in them. He might have had to hold back a little with Misty and Clare, but we saw him go full on nuts with Jessica because she could take it! He has everything a girl would want, strength, emotional sensitivity, and most importantly, his unavoidable love for Coffee!

Power Girl

Power Girl is famous for her enhanced and seriously attractive body parts which are very hard to miss when you look at her. One would not want to be her enemy but they would surely want to be in some kind of intimate relationship with her because of the very obvious and dirty reasons. Getting to do it with her would just be a very naughty dream come true!


Everyone would agree that the God of Thunder is the prime example of how an alpha make should look! Girls could only dream to be with Thor, especially after Chris Hemsworth gave us such a handsome and royal individual to root for. He’s also immortal. Think about it: centuries of existence, fighting, drinking, getting feisty with shield maidens and all that stereotype Viking stuff. If anything, he’s lucky he’s immune to all diseases if you get what I mean. Most girls would surely be envious of Jane Foster.

Harley Quinn

She’s slightly homicidal and she’s a bit of a lunatic but we love her for it. It’s difficult not to have dirty thoughts about Harley, especially with her tendency to openly flirt. Plus, an intimate relationship with someone as crazy as her would mean that it everything will be full of Kinky surprises.

The Flash


We only got a glimpse of what The Flash could do in bed when he gets in the mood. You are in for an electrifying, fast and really long orgasm!! Doing it with the Flash would mean reaching the next level of pleasure which no one else could give to their partner. There are ways in which vibrating at the right frequency can be a pretty great thing.

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