5 Most Powerful Bat Suits of All Time

Batman has worn many suits over the years. And they’ve never for fashion reasons. The tactical genius always had the money to forge awesome suits to wear for fighting particular enemies and sometimes even his own Justice League members. Here are his five most awesome suits of all time:

Hellbat Armor:

The Hellbat Armour was designed by Batman and forged in the heart of the Sun by Superman. It is Batman’s most powerful Batsuit as it enables Batman to fly, run at super speed, and emit massive energy blasts while enhancing his strength and durability. The suit also uses up his strength and metabolism very fast, so Batman was never able to give the suit a constant wear.

Insider Suit:

The Insider Suit is based on every Justice League’s strength.It has different modes like the Speed Force mode which is inspired by the Flash, the Will Mode inspired by Green Lantern, the Heat Vision Mode inspired by Superman, the Camouflage Mode inspired by Martian Manhunter, the Veritas Lasso Mode inspired by Wonder Woman and Flight and Teleportation Mode.

Justice Armour:

Batman used the Justice Armor when he fought with his fellow Justice League members.The armor has been able to resist Superman’s punches and to combat many supervillain’s powers especially enemies of the Justice League. He used the suit to protect himself from Brainiac’s mind control.

Justice Buster Suit:


Batman’s Justice Buster armor is fashioned after Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor from Avengers: Man BatAge Of Ultron. The suit was made to defeat The Flash and other Justice League members. The suit’s knuckles contained pods consisting of several “Red Giants,” which are microscopic red suns acquired from dead solar systems.

The Man-Bat Suit:

batman-man-bat-serum-armor bat suit

Dr. Robert Langstrom a.k.a Man-Bat created a serum which could make a person mutate into a half-human/half-bat hybrid with powers of flight and echolocation, as well as superhuman strength and agility. Batman used the serum on his Suit Of Sorrows which was given to him by Talia al Ghul. The serum resulted in Batman having a bat like abilities with powers of flight, invisibility and the ability to generate electric shocks.

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