A New Dragon Ball Movie Officially Confirmed For 2018

It’s finally official after so many rumors hit the Internet about Dragon Ball’s future, Jump Fest confirmed they that they were all true. The event just revealed that a brand-new Dragon Ball movie will come out in 2018 in the honor of the franchise’s latest anniversary.

Just moments ago, official placards from Toei Animation confirmed Dragon Ball will finally be getting a new movie. Till now, not a lot is known about the story of the film, but fans do seem to know a bit. As you can see below, one of the placards confirms the 2018 feature film will be focused on the Saiyans and have a whole lot of characters. Here is the official translation:

“The story is already finished

Historical number of characters

The keyword is Saiyan”


If the description is what we think it is, then fans will get to learn a lot more about the Saiyan race pretty soon. The 2018 movie will be centered around the warrior race so that the fans will see characters beyond just the iconic characters, Goku and Vegeta.

There’s a chance that the Saiyans of Universe 6 could be brought into the film as well. And, obviously, Broly is not out of the question as, after all, the character is the one fans love to hate.

For those of you unfamiliar with Dragon Ball’s theatrical history, this is the first feature film in the franchise to debut after Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ‘F’. The last movie debuted a couple years back after Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods came out. This upcoming film will be the first to go public after the release of Dragon Ball Super, so fans have very high expectations for the release of this particular movie.

The hype for this movie is quite big for the fans all over the world as it is such a celebrated and huge tale of the iconic characters that we love. Surely the upcoming movie is going to be something else. It all began with the classic Dragon Ball Z TV Series. It was so great as it had the action that we loved, and at the same time, the show also had some heart-wrenching moments, which even brought tears to the audience’s eyes. Here is a list of them.

Krillin’s Death

Okay at this time Krillin’s death actually meant something. Here it is the ever so bad Frieza, who is at the worst that she can be. After he survives Goku’s Spirit Bomb Attack, he gets all cocky and decides to blast! Yes to blast the shit out of Krillin. Krillin goes up in the air, shouting, Goku Save Me and is blown to bits. It was a great shock to us, as it was probably the most brutal way for a hero to die. His death wasn’t left unavenged, as Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan, and beats the shit out of Frieza.

Vegeta’s Sacrifice


Okay, even you knew this moment of Dragonball Z had to be on this list. When Buu is revived and all superheroes, as strong as Gohan are defeated by Buu (except Goku), Vegeta takes on the mantle to finish Buu by himself. When he sees that Buu can’t die, the anti-hero actually makes the ‘ultimate sacrifice’, he powers up so much that there is an explosion, taking everything with it, including Vegeta’s life. Buu too is obliterated, only to grow once again from all those tiny bits, But even so, Vegeta’s sacrifice brought tears to all of ours’ eyes.

Android 16’s Parting Words

This truly was one of the most saddening moments in Dragonball Z history. After Android 16 is healed by Bulma’s father, he returns to the battlefield, where he grabs Cell from behind in order to explode himself. But sadly, he can’t, this is because the bomb had been removed from inside him, so as to see that even if he turns to the dark side, he’s not someone to be feared. This happens, and after that Cell blows him up, his head is left working, and he can talk. His parting words just before Cell crushes his talking head is to inspire Gohan, about how he loves ‘Life’ just like 16 and is a good person, but Cell needs to be stopped. These words aren’t in vain as because of this talk, Gohan is finally able to unleash his true power.

Piccolo’s Sacrifice

Okay, this is not just one moment, but Picollo, in order to save Gohan has died or almost died three times up till now. The first one was when Nappa and Vegeta come to earth and Goku hasn’t arrived yet so it is up to Piccolo to save Gohan’s life, who stands in between the blast that Nappa shoots at Gohan. The second time too he almost died, coming in between the beam that Frieza meant for Gohan, and the third time, he died when everyone was brought to be safe, but Piccolo remained on the exploding planet.

Vegeta Cries

 Dragon Ball

This too has been one of the most heart-wrenching moments from Dragonball Z. In the Frieza saga, when Frieza shoots a beam through Vegeta’s heart, leaving him to die, the proud Saiyan prince puts his heart out talking all about how his father as well as he himself had been nothing but pawns to spare in Frieza’s game, how he even after knowing that it was Frieza who killed his father, couldn’t do anything about it, about how he wanted to be a strong prince but was always demeaned by the Galactic Warlord. It was the only time, when fans saw Vegeta cry for the first and last time in the series, begging Goku not to show any mercy to the asshole, Frieza.

Trunks Sees Gohan’s Dead Body

Dragon Ball

In the alternate timeline, Android 17 and 18 are even bigger bastards than they were in the normal timeline. The brother-sister killer duo had already killed all the Zee warriors even before Trunks was a teen. It is just up to Gohan who too only has one arm left, him and Trunks who will be the ones fighting the androids. The biggest grief comes to Trunks when he finds out that his only friend and mentor to have been killed by the Androids, worse is how he was killed. By the duo cheating and ganging up on him

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