10 Insane Things About Thanos Even Diehard Fans Never Knew

Thanos, the Mad Titan is every comic book nerd’s wet dream right now. His purple skin and grave voice stole the hearts of millions when the first trailer of Infinity War was released. While the movies never revealed much, fans do know a lot about him courtesy of the Internet. Even still, there are some insane facts about Thanos no one ever knew.

He can lift Thor’s Hammer

‘Whoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor’. The inscription holds true only for the worthy. Thanos can lift the hammer but he isn’t worth. Using the Power Infinity Gem to grant him supreme strength and the Reality Gem to bend the fabric of the universe, even Mjolnir is no big feat for Thanos.

Insecurity is his Kryptonite

Thanos has slaughtered millions and enslaved countless worlds. He is even revered as a God in many planets. But Thanos, despite his immense power, is still pretty insecure. The Mad Titan almost always gains the ultimate power only to lose it later on due to some silly error. There actually is a reason for this. Subconsciously, Thanos doesn’t want to win.

He is a Darkseid Rip-off

Jim Starlin is the creator of Thanos. But he took to an unusual source for an Inspiration – Darkseid. Think about it. Both Darkseid and The Mad Titan have the same build. They even look the same apart from the complexion. Thanos wants to bring death to the universe while Darkseid wants the Anti-Life Equation. They are freaking soul mates!!!

He was almost ripped off of another DC Character

The Fourth World character of Metron – DC’s God of Knowledge was the initial inspiration for Starlin for creating Thanos. The only reason it did not happen was that his editor Roy Thomas said to copy Darkseid instead as the influence of Metron looks so obvious. Remember Thanos’ hovering throne? It’s an idea straight from Metron’s concept art.

He and Deadpool love the same woman

Thanos has been rampaging all across the universe because he wants to bring death to the Universe. By ‘Death’, we do not mean the abstract being but the actual Lady Death. The Mad Titan loves Lady Death and is trying to impress her. But after some near death experiences, apparently, Deadpool did a better job at that. So Thanos cursed him with Immortality.

He celebrates Christmas

Gamora, one of Thanos’ children (that he himself orphaned) was taken by surprise when Thanos gave her a doll. In a story titled ‘Yule Memory’, it is revealed that the reason for Thanos’ kind gesture is because it is Christmas time. As it turns out, The Mad Titan may be a megalomaniac but he does have a soft spot for ‘Hallelujah!!!’

He has a brother who is a rapist

If you think Thanos was the only problem child, think again!! Eros or Starfox as he is known as a member of the Avengers is not only an Eternal but also an interspecies rapist. He has the standard powers of all Eternals – flight, super strength, and speed. But Eros is also an empath. He can control the emotions of others. He has used this ability to ‘influence’ several women to sleep with him, including She-Hulk.

He would rather be a farmer

Thanos destroyed the entire creation (almost) during the Infinity Gantlet saga. It is made to look like he died after the comic book arc came to an end. But he was actually transported to another world, where he decided to stay away from trouble and do what was his greatest hobby – Farming. He was soon pulled back into the mud later on.

Both his father and Grandfather want him dead

Arthur Douglas was once a family guy leading a happy life until Thanos killed them all when he crashes landed on Earth. Douglas’s body was then mutated and imbued with immense powers by Kronos and Mentor, Thanos’ Grandfather and Father with only one goal – Kill The Mad Titan. Douglas went on to become Drax the Destroyer.

He was once a good guy


Thanos was once cleansed of his entire evil qualities, so he became one of the Good Guys. As a member of the Infinity Watch, The Mad Titan was entrusted with the most powerful gem of all – The Soul Gem. Thanos even teamed up with Warlock, his arch nemesis, to stop Maggus from attaining the Infinity Gauntlet.

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