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The Friendship Between Wolverine And Nightcrawler Is Like None Other

Marvel has always had some of the most interesting storylines that really give us something worth remembering. This can be with some of the most emotional moments in the comics and at the same time some rather silly moments. The Marvel universe is filled with superheroes who can save the world by fighting the worst dangers to the world either in a team or alone. Sometimes we get to see these heroes form rather interesting bonds and relationships that have had an impact on their storylines. These bonds have allowed the heroes to depend on others in some of the worst and best times in their narrative. The friendship between Wolverine and Nightcrawler is quite interesting as it gives us a lot to learn from.

The Special Bond & Friendship Between Wolverine And Nightcrawler

Fans will be rather surprised to know that these two of the strongest X-Men members have become one of the ideal renditions of the odd couple. It seems rather weird to think that Logan who would prefer to remain to himself and quiet would share a certain bond with the rather extrovert Kurt Wagner, aka Nightcrawler. The personalities of the two characters are absolute polar opposites based on their characterization in the comics. They seem to count on each other more than the other characters around them.


It is rather interesting to see a character like Wolverine explore such a relationship with another character of the X-Men. One can clearly expect Nightcrawler to have a persona where he has a strong bond with another one of the mutants. But the mere idea that he would go for someone like Logan really comes out as rather surprising. They often had such moments where we realized that this is something out of the ordinary in terms of the bonds shared by characters in the Marvel Universe. Comics have rather weird moments that are often termed as cheesy but still these moments also often continue to maintain the bond between the two characters.


Moments That Explore This Bond

There have been various moments in the comics where we got to see this bond being explored in different manners. One of these moments includes a heart-to-heart between the two characters about the existence of God. This comes from The Uncanny X-Men #165, where Kurt happens to be a devout Catholic, and there have been various moments where we have seen him being very vocal about his faith. He has a debate with Logan about religion and both of them end up disagreeing but then Logan offers to buy him a beer.


But the one moment that really demonstrates the amazing dynamic has to be where we get to see the duo show affection by exchanging gifts. This comes from the idea that they never forget the big moments in each other’s lives. In this essential piece of chemistry, we see Logan, who has always had a huge thing for framed photos, gifting a framed photo of himself to Kurt on the latter’s birthday. Kurt later repeats the act in some completely different issue as he gifts Old Man Logan a picture of himself.


While the first narrative takes place in the Uncanny X-Men Annual #4, written by the duo of Chris Claremont and John Romita, Jr. But the latter narrative takes place in the 2018 Merry X-Men Holiday Special, from writer and artist Chip Zdarsky. This massive time difference over which the two narratives take place is a clear indication of how even the creators have an interest in this chemistry.


Another particular moment where they dived into the topic of religion and how much their views differ is explored in House of X #4. Here the two characters are about to face death in a suicide mission. Logan takes this moment to ask Nightcrawler what might be existing on the other side of death considering Kurt’s faith is incredibly strong. Kurt does not know an answer to the question of the afterlife but he still manages to give a response by promising that he will be definitely waiting for him, where they might end up going. This was an act of assurance played by Nightcrawler.


We only wish that this depiction could be put on screen for us to witness and hence make the narrative a lot more interesting than we have seen before. The duo clearly has a bond that is a lot more inspiring considering they have stuck around each other through thick and thin.

Is your bond with your friends anything like the friendship between Wolverine and Nightcrawler? Well, get new friends if it isn’t.

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