Do You Wanna Be Nightwing In DCEU? Well Now You Can!!

Have you ever thought of being a Superhero in a movie? Heck, have you ever thought of being a movie star? Sure, everyone has. But do you have the capability to do that? Because now you have an open chance to do just that, follow your dreams. It may be a really long shot, a really small chance because you have to compete with the entire world, and even being the best of the best might not work. While the future of the DCEU may be a little uncertain right now, but one thing is for sure, that we are getting a Nightwing solo movie.

The Lego Batman director, Chris Mckay is hard on work with the Nightwing movie and he has just confirmed that they will be holding an open casting call for the role of Dick Grayson aka Nightwing.

Till now, fans have taken very active part in supporting actors who they think can be a good Nightwing and do the character justice. Currently, two three names were being circulated regarding the role of Nightwing, as actors like Dev Patel, Steven Yeun, Milo Ventimiglia, and many more were in the front runners of fan castings, but nobody has been officially signed on for the role as Director Mckay hasn’t even started the casting process yet. But it is going to happen pretty soon and the director took it to twitter to state that they are looking for talents from all across the globe. Also, he has an advice for the ones who are going to submit their work. Here is what he said.

“Re Nightwing Casting. Have an agent or manager submit your work. To the studio. An agent or manager protects you and also is an endorsement of your character. It means you take yourself and your career seriously… and so does someone else. There will be an open casting call but that is like Vegas odds for sure. Don’t leave your career up to chance. Believe in yourself. Bet on yourself. Get an agent or a manager.”

Well there you have it, they are looking for the best of the best, so if you think you have what it takes to be Nightwing, take a chance, a leap of faith on yourself, be confident in what you do, and most importantly, get an agent!

Here are the things we want to see done perfectly in the Nightwing movie.

Be his own hero


Right off the bat, the Nightwing movie needs to establish that Dick Grayson is not just Batman’s sidekick. In the comics, by the time Dick dons the Nightwing costume, he’s left his identity as Robin far behind him. Seeking to reinvent himself, he establishes himself as the protector of the city of Bludhaven. There he fights crime on his own, using the lessons Batman taught him, but always holding true to his own standards, his own ideals and beliefs.

Sense of fun/humor

Another irreplaceable element of the Nightwing comics is their sense of fun, their pure, unadulterated joy. Unlike the Batman comics, which are drowned in shadows, Nightwing represents a purposeful attempt to escape those shadows. Dick, at his core wants to be free from the darkness Batman brought him up in. He wants to leap over the rooftops of Gotham, and enjoy himself while he’s at it. Lest we forget that Dick was raised at the circus, a place that was all about colourful light events and high flying acrobatics.

Competitive love interests

Dick Grayson is quite the ladies’ man. He’s known for attracting some of DC’s hottest chicks, pretty often at once. During his days working as a secret agent of Spyral in the Grayson comics, Dick fell hard for Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress. The two had a nice little fling, almost as scandalous as Dick’s on-again off-again relationship with Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. With the two of them each set for their own movies, a little crossover romance could definitely be good for both their movies.

Strong villains

Though not as well-known as Batman’s villains, Nightwing actually has quite an impressive collection of rogues. The first one is Tony Zucco, the crime boss who murdered Robin’s parents. Other great Nightwing villain is Professor Pyg, a psychopath in a pig mask who burns his victims’ faces off and brainwashes them into becoming his “Drones”. The most interesting of Nightwing’s foes is the Raptor, another orphan raised in the circus, who just so happened to be in love with Dick’s mother.  A movie version of Raptor would help to embellish the very notion of who Nightwing is.

Nightwing as wish fulfillment


Nightwing is the perfect form of wish fulfilment. We might wanna be Batman. But we actually are Nightwing. We’re the guys and girls who want to find ourselves, to live and be a hero. Nightwing’s and Batgirl’s age and enthusiasm make them the perfect wish fulfillment characters. It’s no wonder DC was so quick to give both of them their own films. They’re the closest things to Marvel characters that DC has in their closet. Dick Grayson especially is like DC’s Spider-Man, friendly, agile, restless, and always ready to launch a quip-attack.

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