Spider-Man: Homecoming Teases A Dark Version of Iron Man That May Change The Entire MCU

Tony Stark has proven himself time and again that he is an unpredictable man. He is a man with his vices and a temperament. He never goes half-way when he puts his mind into things, and that is most evident when he took on the responsibility of becoming Iron Man. While other superheroes wanted to live double lives, he revealed in the celebrity that came with being a superhero, and also suffered the most from it. But after Captain America: Civil war and all that happened in that film, will Iron Man change into something fans have never seen before?

iron man

The signs of change had already started when he approached a young Peter Parker and ushered him into the world of The Avengers and superheroes. In an interview with Fandango, John Watts, the director of Homecoming discussed the massive change that Tony goes through in his relationship with Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. The director said:

“You have to think about the implications of what he did in Civil War, which is pluck this 15-year-old kid our of obscurity and bring him to Germany to embark on this insane adventure. And then he just drops him off at the end of it while he continues his part of the story. There’s a lot of repercussions to that. Is it a first step towards Tony as some sort of mentor figure? Is he comfortable with that? Has he ever seen himself as that? Or is he the one who’s needed the mentoring along the way? I think it’s a really interesting facet of Tony Stark’s personality that we get to explore in his relationship with Peter.”

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Tony Stark has always been a man who put himself and his needs first, that’s why his relationships have suffered immensely.

But being a mentor or a teacher changes a person to other beliefs and ways that they may not have known before. Will we be witnessing a new paternal side of Iron Man? At this point of time, Stark does need a change as he is too consumed by his demons and Parker may just be the hope he needs.

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