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10 Upcoming Marvel Gods Teased In The MCU So Far

MCU earned a fortune after bringing the Avengers on the big screen. Now they plan to make it big with the Eternals. MCU has introduced various deities from the comics. Ego, Grandmaster, and the Collector are some good examples. Now even the Eternals are equally powerful like them. Disney+’s Loki is taking a step further with the introduction of multiversal deities like Time-Keepers. But apart from all this, MCU has also teased the introduction of various other powerful entities from the comics. Let’s check the complete list of Upcoming Marvel Gods that have been teased so far.

1. Knull

MCU’s relationship with Sony is a bit different. Spider-Man was introduced through Sony. The character later made his debut in the MCU after The Amazing Spider-Man franchise failed to impress. Now after the trailer of Morbius and the plot of No Way Home, there is a possibility that Venom might face Peter Parker in the MCU. Marvel is currently focused on the King In Black storyline from the comics. But the Venom franchise has ignored the Symbiote God Knull. Now if a Spider-Man and Venom crossover happen, Knull would be their biggest threat.

2. Mephisto

Mephisto from Marvel Comics has been teased in almost every MCU project till now. The signs of Mephisto were also seen in WandaVision, although the character never appeared. MCU fans are also eagerly waiting for MCU’s big screen or small screen debut. His debut chances are increasing with every project. Mephisto’s portrait was recently seen in the first episode of Loki. Now MCU fans are speculating that he might appear towards the end of the series. But when he is introduced, he will surely take on magical characters like Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange. This might happen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

3. Uatu the Watcher

Upcoming Marvel Gods

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 revealed that Stan Lee was an informant of the immortal beings called The Watchers. Now the Watchers are important cosmic guardians. They are not let to interfere with the reality they observe. But till now we have not seen the most vital Watcher. He is Uatu. Marvel’s What If? On Disney+ will let MCU fans see Uatu for the first time. Jeffrey Wright is doing the voiceover and the likeness of the animated character. There is a possibility that we might get to see him in live-action at some point.

4. The Mighty Thor

Thor Odinson is one of the most important Deity on screen. But reports say that the mantle will be passed on to someone else. So Chris Hemsworth may not return as Thor. According to the comics, Thor becomes known as Odinson. Jane Foster picks up the hammer and wields it in the battle as The Mighty Thor. Jane Foster also might lift the Mjolnir in Thor: Love and Thunder. If that happens, then a new character will be included in Asgard’s Pantheon.

5. Death

According to the comics, Thanos is obsessed with pleasing Death. He falls in love with the grim entity and kills to earn her love and affection. It was also shown in the MCU that to challenge Earth was to court Earth. It is an idea that made Thanos very happy. But the thing did not happen on screen. But this is a sign that we might get to see Death on the screen in the next few years. Also, it will be more powerful than Thanos. Apart from all this, MCU also introduced a powerful character like Hela who could destroy Mjolnir and is another lord of the underworld.

6. Dracula

Vampires have also been a part of the Marvel Universe. But the characters have not yet made their big-screen debut. Now since MCU has a lot of projects lined up, we might get to see them in live-action. MCU is currently developing a Blade reboot and linking to the Vampire Morbius. But the king and God of Vampires Dracula will also play a small role in Moon Knight’s story. He has been shown more powerful in the Marvel Universe. So, overall, human mythology and folktales will get explored in the MCU. Black Knight and Dracula are surely on this list.

7. Kly’Bn

Upcoming Marvel Gods

Secret Invasion is currently in development at MCU. The series will have Nick Fury and Skrull Talos in the lead. It is directly based on the comic book storyline and will feature a Skrull god known as Kly’Bn. Kly’Bn is a very powerful being and the head of the Skrull Pantheon. The Skrulls carry out their attack on Earth in their God’s name. Religion is very important for the Skrulls. So, Kly’Bn will play an important role in the MCU. The character has been already teased by the existence of the Skrull society.

8. Ares

Along with DC, Ares also exists in the Marvel Universe. The Greek gods have not yet made their debut on screen. But characters like Athena and Hercules are already popular in the comics. Also, Thor: Ragnarok gave MCU fans a small glimpse of the cinematic portrayal of Ares, the God of War. Thor is brought to a combat arena in Sakaar. A huge structure is erected there that celebrated some of the tournament’s biggest champions. The statues were of Man-Thing, Ray Bill, and the mighty warrior Ares.

9. Khonshu

Marvel is now planning to bring Moon Knight to the small screen. A show based on the character is being developed for Disney+. MCU fans will finally get to know the origin story of the street-level hero. Here Marc Spector will get imbued with the gifts of the Ancient Egyptian God, Khonshu. The character is an important part of Moon Knight’s narrative. There is a possibility that Khonshu might appear in future MCU films. Khonshu is a bird-like being and a representative of Spector’s heroic alter ego.

10. The Living Tribunal

Avengers: Endgame Greater Threat

2016’s Doctor Strange brought the concept of magical artifacts to the audience. A few of them were very powerful objects. Some of them are also connected to huge cosmic creations. One artifact that was mentioned during Stephen Strange’s training was the Staff of the Living Tribunal. Marvel Comics has shown The Living Tribunal as the most powerful being in the complete Omniverse. Its concept is difficult to explain since it is beyond human understanding. The Time-Keepers have been introduced. Now the Living Tribunal might be introduced next.

Which of these Upcoming Marvel Gods would you like to see first? Let us know in the comments.

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