How Thanos Turned Nightcrawler Into A Creepy Weapon

Thanos is one of the most essential villains that we got to witness in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That’s not all considering there have been times when the character managed to do far worse things in the Marvel Universe. This only goes to show that there are certain layers to the character and one of them clearly looks into every possible way he is intending to achieve his goal. The Mad Titan ended up being the reason we lost some of our favourite heroes and this is actually something that was quite essential to building his character as the villain. Let us have a look at the theory of how Thanos turned Nightcrawler into a creepy weapon:


A few weeks back, we got to witness Thanos getting a chance to be amongst the prime Eternals by using his evil motives. There we saw him killing his parents ruthlessly, only to see them coming back to life each time. This is something that fans have now realized to be essential to the character of Thanos in order to work on the darker arc that we got to witness over the years. It is not surprising to see him going to the darkest of the plans to bring his true motives to fruition. He has managed to use the people who were the closest to him for his personal selfish deeds.


Thanos Teams Up With Warlock

The second of the Infinity Trilogy saw Thanos’ narrative being written by the creator of the character Jim Starlin himself. Here we get to see the character being given a certain amount of depth instead of being made into a straight-up baddie. The character is depicted as a lot more contemplative rather than being ruthless and this means that he tends to save the universe from forces beyond the understanding of the mortals. In this narrative, Thanos is actually made to face two different threats at the same time and it works into the arc of the character for the larger story.


The first one is Adam Warlock or we can say a version of him from a different reality who was annihilated and ends up being absorbed inside him, thus making him omnipotent. At the same time, the other major villain is Annihilust, the tyrant from the Negative Zone. In order to save the Marvel Universe, Thanos has to leave the love of his life, Mistress Death. Thanos and Warlock team up along with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Pip the Troll in order to stop Annihilus. The finale of the narrative sees Thanos going for a desperate move to end Annihilus’ threat.


Thanos Weaponizes Nightcrawler

Thanos turned Nightcrawler into a creepy weapon

Annihilus manages to use Warlock’s power to fuel an entire planet and made it into a ship that is much like the Death Star. There are even shields that block teleportation in order to prevent any chance of attempts of striking Annihilus directly. The Mad Titan states that he can actually use someone’s powers in order to get through the barrier set by Annihilus. But the only issue with this would be that the teleporter himself won’t survive and it would require an irreversible move. Nightcrawler volunteers and thus Thanos ends up turning him into a device in order to tamper with his brain.


This has to be one of the most gruesome scenes in the Marvel Universe as Nightcrawler is fully exposed to machinery. But the darker element of this moment has to be that the mutant couldn’t feel anything as his memory is erased and he is reduced to a piece of machinery. Even after all this, the plan fails as Annihilus kills him before the process could be fulfilled, and thus Pip the Troll is the last hope of defeating the villain. This clearly indicated that Thanos won’t hold back going to the darkest of the corners in order to go for what he feels to be right.


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