Ms. Marvel’s Cosmic Powers Prove That She Is Connected To The Eternals

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been growing at a stupendous pace. They seem to be adding more characters than the audience can keep up with. Don’t get us wrong, having more content than your audiences can consume is a good thing for studios. Look at what FromSoft and Elden Ring have done with open-world games. Marvel’s latest inclusion to the MCU is Ms. Marvel aka Kamala Khan. She is a teenager from the big city who dreams to be like the hero she worships. It also seems that the source of Kamala’s power is cosmic in nature. Ms. Marvel’s cosmic powers prove that she is connected to the Eternals. But first, take a look at the new trailer:

This trailer shows us a young girl who is just coming to grips with the world. It seems that this upcoming television series will be a slice of life, coming of age story of this new young superhero. Kamala is trying to let go of her fantasy imaginative world. But to do that she would need to grow up, which is something that she does not want to immediately do. That is the essence of this TV series, shoving responsibility on the shoulders of a young woman seeking to make the world a better place. But the real question is where do her powers come from? Kamala comments that her powers feel “cosmic”, so the real question is just what does that imply?


Ms. Marvel’s Cosmic Powers

Kamala Khan has been a part of the Marvel comicverse for a long time. Her powers are iconic, she was blessed with the ability to embiggen herself which allowed her to deal with the villains in more and more nuanced ways. But these abilities were changed when it was decided that Ms. Marvel will become a part of the MCU. With the marketing for the show kicking into high gear, the fans were informed that Kamala will be given green lantern-like projection powers instead of her embiggening abilities. It was deduced, that these would be cheaper to animate and give her more flexibility as a character.


Moreover, now her claim of these powers feeling “cosmic” further solidifies the fact that we might get to see some sort of a connection with other characters in the MCU in this show. Specifically, we think that the bracelet that seemingly gives Kamala her powers is a relic from the Eternals themselves. Kamala feels that this is the cosmic energy that she is projecting so it is more than likely that the contraption she is using might have been created by Phastos or Sersi. It might be a cosmic power battery that allows her to project the energy and manipulate it as an extension of herself.


The second theory is that the bracelet is a conduit that allows Kamala to access the power cosmic and use it as she sees fit. We incline towards this theory and we contend that the Ten Rings of Wenwu have similar origins in the MCU. The convergence, the emergence, the 10 rings, and now Kamala’s bracelet are all connected to the Eternals. It will be fun to see where this road leads, given the bombastic ending of Eternals.


The Future

We believe that The Marvels, Eternals, and Shang-Chi will be at the forefront of the battle with the Celestials. They all will form part of the team which will oppose Arishem to free Sersi from her grip and fight for the fate of our planet. Now, it is also possible that the Avengers will come to back them up, but that is a story for Phase V of the MCU. But The Marvels would need to band together before that happens and Kamala would need to grow beyond just a teenager from a big city before this story takes place.


Do you think that the bracelet that Kamala uses is Eternal in nature? If so, then do you think that this bracelet would be the only source of Ms. Marvel’s cosmic powers? Or will it be just the spark that makes her discover her true potential as a hero? Maybe we will get a surprise by the time the series ends. Let us know what you think about this down in the comments.

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