6 MCU Changes From The Comics That Fans Still Hate

Marvel Cinematic Universe started as a fan service for all the comic book readers who have been reading comics for a long time. But just like any other comic book franchise, MCU writers have changed a lot from the source material when they adapted the characters in live-action. And not just characters, they changed their plotlines, story arcs and their nature and gender. While fans loved what the writers did with characters like Tony Stark, they did not love everything. Here is a list of 6 MCU changes from the comics that fans hate.


Peter Parker and Tony Stark are two entirely different people in the comics. While Tony is always seen as a selfish jerk, Peter is a goodie-goodie who has always put others in the way of his happiness. And this is the reason that readers loved him so much. Another thing that is different in the comics is that Peter is not much of an engineer geek like Tony. Yes, he is good at science but it is limited to his web-shooters and stuff.


However, in the MCU, Peter is basically a younger version of Tony Stark. The MCU version of Peter doesn’t seem to resemble the humble Peter that fans loved at all. And contrary to what the writers imagined, fans didn’t seem to like these similarities at all. But now that Peter is on his own, maybe he finally becomes the characters fans wanted him to be to start with. Rather late than never, huh?



MCU changes from the comics

Hulk is a fan-favourite hero but MCU doesn’t seem to care about him that much. We might have seen him in a lot of projects, but he has always been foreshadowed as the supporting cast. His fans have always felt the need to see Mark Ruffalo play the character in a standalone project. Ruffalo has revealed in the past that it was Marvel’s plan to play out Hulk’s character arc slowly in a lot of movies, rather than showing it in just one. But that doesn’t seem to work with the fans, does it?


3. EVERYTHING ABOUT MALEKITHHollywood Actors You Forgot in MCU

I think I speak for everyone when I say that the early villains of the MCU were not very good, to say the least. And as the worst villain, Malekith would have led this group of bad villains. Malekith was the leader of the Dark Elves who was a formidable foe in the comics, but in the MCU, he was a bland, easily forgotten villain, who had no impact on the bigger storyline. And comic book fanatics, who enjoy Malekith’s unhinged ways, hated MCU for what they did to him.


4. THE END OF S.H.I.E.L.D.Captain Marvel Theory The Avengers Tesseract

The Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division or simply SHIELD, was an important organisation in the comics. And according to us and some fans, MCU could not have ruined it more. The SHIELD and its director, Nick Fury, had a rock-solid reputation and when Captain America: Winter Soldier revealed that SHIELD had long been infested by Hydra, fans were disheartened. They didn’t respond to it well and still hate what the franchise did to the organisation that was responsible for assembling the Avengers for the first time.



The Mighty Thor is a significant character in the comics, known for his ancient ways and wisdom. And definitely not for his sense of humour. And MCU tried to adopt that in his first two standalone movies, but the only good thing that came out of those movies was Loki. Then Taika Waititi was handed the reigns for the third movie and embraced a whole new side of the character. While almost everybody liked this new, weird funny side of Thor, fans seemed to despise the extent of deviation from his comic counterpart.


6. THE BLACK ORDER OF THANOSAvengers Infinity War Deleted Scenes

The Black Order is a team of mercenaries who have worked for Thanos in the comics multiple times. So it seemed fitting that the MCU adapted them as Thanos’ personal army, or as they liked to call themselves, the Children of Thanos. In the MCU, they proved to be worthy foes to the divided Avengers, but after the Avengers united, the Black Order didn’t stand a chance. While this might seem good for the movie, fans who knew the Black Order long before they were introduced in the MCU hated MCU writers for how they portrayed them.

Which of the above-mentioned MCU changes from the comics did you hate the most? we want to know your answers in the comments.


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