How Gorr in Thor 4 Could Change Things For Hela

There are a lot of new entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe set to come out soon. While some of these projects will mark the debut of new characters to the franchise, others will be sequels to narratives we have seen before. These sequels are quite exciting as most of these characters include the ones we haven’t had the chance to see in a long time since Endgame. Amongst these sequels, there is an interesting amount of hype for Thor as it will mark the first time a character will be getting a fourth entry in their solo ventures. Based on new art for Gorr in Thor 4, it seems that the character might see elements of Hela from Thor: Ragnarok.

Love And Thunder

It is quite exciting to see that the hype for the upcoming Thor film is only increasing with the release date getting closer. There are a lot of plans regarding what we will get to see in the movie as it will mark the first time for a lot of characters since the events of Endgame. The movie has seen a lot of leaked details in the past few months and this has allowed us to gain an insight into the movie. We will be getting a chance to see the Guardians of the Galaxy making an appearance in the movie too following the events of Endgame. But one thing about the movie has fans a lot more excited about this sequel.


The movie will mark the return of Natalie Portman’s character Jane in the franchise. She was last seen in the worst of the Thor films, Thor: The Dark World and it felt as if the actor had actually left the franchise. But this time around she will be playing a major role in the movie and she might be the means to defeating the primary antagonist Gorr the God Butcher. This character will be played by Christian Bale and fans are also excited to see how his appearance will be in the movie. According to leaked promotional art for Gorr the Butcher, the character seems to be referencing a past Thor villain quite a lot.


Gorr The God Butcher’s Look

Gorr in Thor 4

Recently leaked promotional art for MCU’s Gorr has given a look at how he will appear in the movie along with his signature weapon. According to this appearance, the character will be wielding a version of All-Black the Necrosword that has quite a less jagged appearance in comparison to the comic book version. The iconic weapon will look a lot more like a traditional sword here. But this appearance is something that we got to see later in the narrative of the comics when it was being used by its creator Knull. There is a chance that the reasoning for this look could be because it will be a means of keeping in line with the


Possible Hela Retcon

The change to the All-Black could be a major suggestion that we might get to see a major retcon being done to the character of Hela. Even though the Necrosword looks quite different from the version we have seen in the comics, fans of the franchise might notice it looks quite different from the version used by Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. Since all the Necroswords are supposed to look the same, it might indicate that one of the swords is actually fake. If we are made to wonder who is using the original one, Gorr is the character that has been closely associated with the sword and its true nature.


There was a major reference to Hela’s helmet being a means of producing the Necroswords when the Collector wore her helmet in the episode for What If…?. Thus it indicates that Gorr depends on himself to wield the sword and not his helmet. This could be the very element that will cause the difference in the way the sword was depicted in the past of the MCU. It could be a means of referencing the King in Black storyline with a connection between Gorr and Knull. Knull’s appearance would be the perfect means of retconning Hela. Thor: Love and Thunder will be released in theatres worldwide on July 8.


What do you think about Gorr in Thor 4? Can things get changed for Hela? Share your views with us down in the comments.

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