WandaVision: Pietro’s Merch Teases Quicksilver is an Imposter

WandaVision Pietro’s Merch Teases Quicksilver:

Evan Peters as Quicksilver in WandaVision has blown away everyone for real. This is something that was not expected in a million moons, but it happened anyway. He was introduced in the final scene of episode 4, playing Pietro Maximoff, a role that is mentioned to be “recast” by Kat Dennings’ Dr. Darcy Lewis. This is a reference to the fact that Aaron Taylor-Johnson placed the character in Avengers: Age of Ultron, while Peters played an alternate version of the character in Fox’s X-Men universe, now owned by Marvel.

Even though Evan Peter’s Quicksilver belongs to the X-Men franchise, it is still unclear as to what concrete connection can WandaVision have with the X-Men franchise. It’s still unclear if Peters is playing the same character, a different version of Pietro in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or even another character entirely. In episode 6, he made a slip-up connected to Age of Ultron which could be significant in proving theories that he isn’t who he claims to be, alongside all of the other evidence that has been presented so far. But fans are likely going to have to wait for the season finale in three weeks, to have the mystery resolved.

As of recently, there has been more evidence hinting that this Quicksilver, is not Pietro at all. More evidence has emerged that Peters’ Quicksilver isn’t who we claim to be, in the unlikely form of a WandaVision Funko Pop figure. The new Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver figure was revealed on Twitter earlier this week, and one detail stands out. Instead of just featuring his character name as Funko Pops normally do, the packaging includes quotes around his name, implying that he isn’t actually Pietro, but an imposter or fake of some sort. The accompanying caption also hints at this, asking if he is “a real boy”. You can see the packaging and figure in the original tweet below:

It is a little unbelievable, we know. At this point, the evidence is overwhelming that Peters isn’t playing the real Pietro. Still, it’s unclear if he is actually Peter Maximoff as seen in the X-Men universe, or if his casting is part of the misdirection, and he is actually playing another character. After a number of Mephisto references in WandaVision, it is increasingly likely that Peters is playing the character. Or someone else, you never know.

But, we know how Marvel could be when it comes to enticing their audience. That could also be a misdirection by Marvel, knowing that fans will pore over every detail and Easter egg in order to figure out the mystery before it’s revealed. At this point, things are still very much in the air, but WandaVision episode 7 airs on Friday, and if nothing is revealed then, it certainly will be in episode 8 or the finale the following week. So, while this Funko Pop reveal might be seen as a spoiler, things are set to be revealed soon anyway, perhaps even on Friday.

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