Matrix 4 Theory: Neo Was Responsible For The Resurrection of Agent Smith

The Matrix series is one of the most iconic movie franchises in recent history. With the inclusion of anime-like fight scenes and philosophical storytelling, The Matrix Trilogy brings to life a dystopian future. It was a testament for moviemaking establishes a new benchmark for the kind of action stories we want to see. Now, the new saga dawns in the franchise with the upcoming Matrix 4. This time Neo is back but so is Trinity and Agent Smith. The story is a closely guarded secret but so e theorists believe that the Resurrection of Agent Smith is tied to Neo.

The basic premise seems to be that Neo and Smith are somehow connected. Both of them have been considered the opposite of each other. The purpose of this was to bring their story in line with the larger narrative of the entire franchise. Agent Smith started as an Agent of the Matrix but slowly he became the most lethal virus the machines had ever faced. We could never imagine what Neo must have gone through trying to battle such a foe.


Resurrection of Agent Smith

What truly blew our minds was how the Agent even invaded the real world by downloading himself into a human’s body. Regardless, we thought that the Agent was gone for good after the events of Matrix: Revolutions. However, it seems that he found a way to survive and is now back to exact his revenge on Neo and Trinity. How is this possible, it is resurrection beyond the scope of imagination. Let us try to break it down.


The Resurrection of Agent Smith

So what are the possible ways that Neo could have perpetuated the survival of Agent Smith? We believe that some part of Agent Smith imprinted itself onto Neo during their final battle. It is also possible that when Agent Smith tried to overtake Neo before he left some traces inside him. Whatever the case might be it is highly likely that after the finale of Matrix Revolutions Agent Smith became a part of Neo in some way or the other.


So when the machines resurrected Neo, they inexplicably also brought back Agent Smith from the abyss. This was not something that the machines might have planned on and but it seems that this worked out in their favor. For starters, Agent Smith seems to be in their control, more or less. His main aim is to shield Neo from the reality and maintain the illusion which he is pulling of better than expected. So it is an unexpected boon for the machines.


Resurrection of Agent Smith

However, there may be something far more sinister brewing underneath what the eye can see. For instance, it is possible that by being brought back because of Neo the Agent can only exist while Neo is active. Entanglement of Neural interfaces could signify that Neo and Agent Smith would inhabit the same body although Neo might be the pilot. This would also explain why the machines want to keep Neo locked up. The part of Agent Smith that lives within Neo might still be a legitimate threat.


The Consequences

Whatever the case might be, it is obvious that Matrix 4 will be a wild ride. We may get to see one of the craziest storylines ever presented. Moreover, a confrontation with Agent Smith will likely take place. The story seems to be focused on Trinity but we cannot say for sure. Maybe our speculation is correct, and the entire story is a fabrication by the machines who fell to the control of Smith. If that is the case, then Matrix seems to be a much darker story than we remember.


It is unclear what comes next for the saga. Why have the machines recreated the matrix and housed Neo in it? For what reason is the new version of Matrix on a loop? Why did they upgrade the Matrix? Did they do all of this to just keep Neo docile and obedient? What happens when he starts pulling at the thread of reality and it comes undone. Can the machines stand up to the one? Will they attempt to help their old allies? We will only know when the movie comes out.

The Matrix Resurrections hits the theatres and HBO Max on December 22.

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