Solo: A Star Wars Story Official Timeline Is Revealed And It’s Awesome!!!

The moment the Han Solo movie was announced, fans had been excited as hell to see their favorite interstellar smuggler from the Galaxy far, far away from kick droid butt and be badass. Harrison Ford’s Han Solo is the most loved character of the Star Wars universe, some might say even more than Luke Skywalker (please don’t kill me). To see their favorite anti-hero back again after the death of Han Solo at the hands of his own son Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens is a dream come true for many. But what will the movie entail? And most importantly, when will the movie take place??? The new official timeline for the movie has been finally revealed.

The Han Solo movie will be based on a time when Han was just beginning to learn his place and earn a name amongst the smuggler’s ring in the Galactic Underworld. The Han Solo movie would have been at a time when an hadn’t met Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker or been a part of the Rebel Alliance yet in the Original Trilogy. So when will it be set exactly? The timeline for Solo: A Star Wars Story is set at least 11-14 years before the events of the Original Trilogy. The new infographic from the Del Rey Book offers some significant specifics regarding the timeframe of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

If you go through Del Rey’s website, you will know what we mean. The website says Solo: A Star Wars Story is set in a pretty interesting timeframe. The events within movie will take place in a timeline after the novel ‘Tarkin’ but before the events of the book ‘Thrawn’. So that means there is ample time for the movie to explore the cosmos and the Empire in Solo. What’s even more exciting is that the timeframe it is set in means that even after the Solo movie ends, there is still sufficient time left before the movie events hit those of ‘Thrawn’ and A New Hope for another sequel to Solo: A Star Wars story. Since both Tarkin and Thrawn are set between fixed points in Star Wars time, the possibility of a sequel (just one more though) is extremely feasible.

Han Solo will be the lead in Solo: A Star Wars Story (duh!!). But the timeline would mean his life as a smuggler/ space-pirate would be explored in vivid detail. Elements never before seen within Han Solo’s life, both in the expanded universe (now non-canon) and in the movie universe, will be explored further within the movie and in the possible sequel. Emilia Clarke, who portrays the mysterious Q’ira in Solo: A Star Wars Story, had this to say for the planet-hopping scoundrel:

“The point where you meet her, she is with Han. They are both doing what they’ve got to do to survive,” Clarke told Entertainment Weekly. “And that is Qi’ra the whole the movie. The whole way through, she is surviving. And surviving in the underworld that we know to be [filled with] smuggling, aloof gamblers, wrong-side-of-the-tracks nasty ones. It was beautiful they touched on it very briefly [in The Last Jedi] when they are at the racetracks.”

The tie-in novel called Last Shot will further give us an idea about Han Solo’s past life before he became a hero of the Galaxy:

“Part of it takes place before the events of Solo and focuses on Lando and L3-37,” Lucasfilm Publishing creative director Michael Siglain explained of the story to Entertainment Weekly. “Part of it takes place between Solo and A New Hope, and that focuses on Han and Chewie, and that’s where we get Sana Starros for the first time.”

“Part of it takes place post-Return of the Jedi,” Siglain added, “And that’s where we see Han, Leia, a very young Ben Solo, and Lando come into the story.”


Solo: A Star Wars Story has been set for a release date of 23rd May this year. The official synopsis reads:

Through a series of daring escapades, young Han Solo meets his future co-pilot Chewbacca and encounters the notorious gambler Lando Calrissian.

Excited?!?!? So are we!!!

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