Wolverine’s TRUE Creator Revealed To Be None Other Than Captain America?

Well, Wolverine’s origins and Captain America’s origin separate themselves for decades. But the new comic storyline issued by Marvel may pull the rug underneath you as they’ve just dropped one of the biggest bombshells in years. The fans & Captain America himself are gonna be astonished to know that it was Steve Rogers who was responsible for the creation of mutant weapons like Wolverine or even Deadpool for that matter!

The latest story of “Wolverine & Captain America: Weapon Plus #1” sort of combines the origins of Captain America and Wolverine together even though they have been totally apart from each other previously. We’ve seen certain storylines where Cap and Logan fought together during World War II, but this is something way beyond that.

Now you may be asking how exactly did Wolverine end up being a creation of Captain America? Well, you’d be thrilled to know that it wasn’t just Wolverine that Cap was responsible for. He has been responsible for so many deaths that followed his own creation. In Weapon Plus, Wolverine is in Brooklyn, and so he comes to Cap as he is being followed by an army of soldiers behind him.

Logan promises Cap that he would explain everything later, but the two have to fight these soldiers for now, and so they do. During the battle, the two realize that the soldiers they’ve been fighting aren’t “normal.” No, they aren’t stronger than usual, they’re surprisingly weaker and are taken down easily. Moving on, Wolverine here has actually come “FOR” Captain America as he has received a new insight regarding his own origins delivered via holographic message. This message is sent by Fantomex, former X-Force member and ‘Weapon XIII’ (generations after Wolverine and Deadpool), and can actually track back to Captain America himself.

Apparently, Fantomex was killed as he dug into the true origins and operations of Weapon Plus as those operations needed to be kept a secret. Here’s what the holographic message said:

“Ever since I escaped my creators, I have pulled at the threads behind the Weapon Plus program. It’s all connected, Captain. the patriots that forged you, the monsters that violated Logan, and my own “Dr. Frankensteins”… They are the same. The programs weren’t contiguous… They were concurrent… And they’ve been escalating their plans from the beginning! Eliminating anyone who got too close to the truth.

Science requires trial and error, necessitating a human cost for every advancement. With the right indoctrination, you needn’t catch new stock… They’ll volunteer. Decades of death and destruction can be traced back to you, Captain. You did what you do best… Inspired them.”

Avengers: Endgame Old Captain America Chris Evans

Now, this is crazy. Captain America would lose his mind and he’d certainly lose faith in what humanity has been up to for all these years. The notion behind his creation was pure & patriotic, but the monstrosity and torture that followed has is too hard to fathom. So many people volunteered to become the next super soldier and so many lives were lost on these experiments. That’s the darker truth behind Captain America’s origin. Unknowingly, he has been responsible for the creation of Wolverine, Deadpool & Fantomex. Without the creation of Weapon 1, there wouldn’t have been a Weapon X, or a Weapon XIII.

Avengers: Endgame Captain America: The First Avenger

This is cannon even in the MCU. Marvel had its own way to show it as the experiments done on Bruce Banner, his exposure to Gamma Rays was also a result of the US government trying to recreate a super soldier. The creation of Abomination could also track back to the origins of Captain America! Then there are the experiments that Hydra conducted on their agents who volunteered. Hydra created Winter Soldiers who could take down a country within one day!

Ever wondered how a noble inspiring soldier has been responsible for so many bad things to follow his creation. The worst part about it is that it’s not even Captain America’s fault! It’s the mad scientists who are to blame!

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