Marvel Comics Update: Wolverine Kills Entire Hydra In One Badass Suicide Mission

The Wolverine we know and love is one bloodthirsty piece of work. Cross his path and you will be dead meat! With his claws that can cut through literally any known substance in the whole wide world, Wolverine is an unstoppable, lean, mean fighting machine. Marvel Comics has experimented with this popular superhero for far too long now. There is James Howlett – the adamantine boned lover of Hercules. There is Dark Claw – the combination of Batman and Wolverine. There is also Weapon H – the outcome of grafting the Hulk’s DNA with Wolverine’s.

Let us also not forget X-23 who is literally the clone of Wolverine. Yet their most well-known experiment is the Old-Man Logan, the aged and sloppy version of the original character belonging to an alternate timeline where all hope was last after the superheroes were wiped out and the super-villains now controlled the planet.

And after he found his wake up call and started cleansing this deranged world of all the super-villains, he has set his eyes on Hydra, the organization responsible for killing all the superheroes in that timeline. Wolverine is ready to defeat them at all costs, even if it means he himself dies in the process!

Old Man Logan is dying. He always was. After time caught up to him in this decrepit timeline, the adamantium in his bones, which is highly poisonous to living cells, started destroying his body slowly after his healing factor weakened with age.

Even in such a weak state, Old Man Logan has defeated behemoths. He was still strong enough to take down the Hulk, a being that had grown even stronger than the original one in this storyline. But no one can win a race against time and the latter has finally caught up to the Old Man.

But the guy was still a few moves left before he goes down fighting. He has decided to use those tricks to take down the root of all problems – Hydra. The organization was responsible for mobilizing all the super-villains and organizing the infamous global offensive that killed most of all the Earth’s superheroes.

Wolverine wants to destroy Hydra and kill every last one of its members so as to ensure that the past could never be repeated, so that the future generations could have a ‘Happily Ever After’, something the Old Man Logan could never have.


With only six months left for Old Man Logan to live, he has decided to go down guns blazing. In the last twelve issue storyline on the character, the final rodeo of the clawed monster will be shown in all its glory. Dead Man Logan #5’s exclusive preview reveals extremely interesting facts.

Old Man Logan will be going up against an army of Neo-Hydra soldiers who will be cannon fodder for the Old Man to grind his claws into. The latest preview reveals that no matter how far into the future or hyper-advanced Hydra might be now, they would still be caught with their pants down when the X-Men come knocking at their doorsteps.

Wolverine Kills Hydra

The preview shows that Wolverine is not just killing Hydra members randomly; he is after one specific individual. To be precise, the Prime Version of Mysterio is the one he seeks to kill. The guy was the original orchestrator of the global anti-superhero offensive led by Hydra. Wolverine intends to kill him before he can do the same again to the world before he himself breathes his last that is.

The twist in the tale is that Mysterio seems to be helping the X-Men team that is sent along to deal with the Neo-Hydra members. Whether he is actually helping the team by being a good guy or if he is just playing along and waiting for the right moment to backstab them is a story for another day.

For now, we are hooked on the fact that Old Man Logan has still got the flair for such extreme violence despite of his fledgling healing factor and there are still seven more issues of the Dead Man Logan series left to be released!

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