11 Strongest Celestials in The Marvel Universe – Ranked

Strongest Celestials: 

The Celestials are cosmic entities that were the first ever species to achieve sentience after the Big Bang created the Marvel Universe. They help evaluate civilizations and if they believe a species is not worthy of continuation or has stagnated its evolutionary process or is a threat to other life forms in the Universe they destroy it and allow new life to form in its place. They are immensely powerful beings whose powers are only second to the Beyonder and the One Above All. Marvel Comics has revealed to us a lot of Celestial entities throughout its run. It is time to see who amongst them are the strongest. Presenting – 11 Strongest Celestials in the Marvel Universe – Ranked!!

 11. Gamiel the Manipulator

Strongest Celestials in Marvel

A typical Celestial is almost as he as a mountain. And that is the Average size. Celestials can be as big as a planet. But Gamiel is an exceptional case. His size is very small. He is only as big as the Hulk. Gamiel is actually the youngest of his species and he is yet to grow to gigantic proportions. He is one of the four Celestial Hosts tasked with watching over Earth. But let not his small size fool you. Gamiel is still a Celestial and anyone who dares cross his path will be instantly annihilated. Gamiel got the nickname Gamiel the Manipulator because he was the one responsible for creating a rift between the Kree and the Skrulls, leading to a 4 Million year war between the two species.

 10. Arishem the Judge

Strongest Celestials in Marvel

Arishem was the leader of the four Celestial Hosts tasked with observing planet Earth. Arishem was the one who helped cull the malevolent Deviant race. Many do not know but the second cataclysm, Marvel’s name for the extinction level event that killed the Dinosaurs was Arishem’s doing. Arishem is also a competent strategist. He led the campaign against the Watchers when the Celestials fought them in a past timeline. Arishem’s greatest ability is to control and manipulate limitless amounts of cosmic energy. He has armour that can withstand blows that could destroy entire planets in one strike. His Strength level is also well above an average Celestial.

 9. Eson the Searcher

Strongest Celestials in Marvel

Eson the Searcher was an ancient Celestial who visited planets and judged them based on their potential. Eson was a powerful Celestial but he had his flaws. He was not an adept fighter as the other Celestials and he was thus killed by another Celestial in a battle to the death. Eson did have the Power Stone though, which meant his impressive set of abilities was amplified to limitless proportions. Eson could destroy an entire planet just by tapping his staff to the planet’s crust.

 8. Callus the Void

Strongest Celestials in Marvel

Callus is a member of the Dark Celestials, a group of Celestials that were permanently mutated by the Horde. The Dark Celestials are villainous entities that only vow to propagate forces of chaos and destruction. Callus the Void has fought the Avengers and defeated all of them without even moving a muscle. He has withstood the grueling temperatures of the core of the sun and lived to tell the tale. Eson the Searcher, another legendary celestial, tried to fight Callus the void and failed. Eson ended up having his head decapitated by Callus, who holds his severed head as a trophy to scare his enemies away.

 7. The Phoenix Force

Strongest Celestials in Marvel

A Celestial, by definition, is any life form that achieved sentience during the earliest phases of the Universe. They should also have the ability to manipulate cosmic energy at a grand scale. The Phoenix Force meets these criteria and is thus considered a Celestial. While there have been many versions of the Phoenix Force, we will consider the Jean Grey version. Jean Grey’s telepathic and telekinetic powers combined with her Phoenix Force abilities made her a true force of nature. She even went up against a Celestial, only to lose at the end. She is still immensely powerful and only a true battle-tested Celestial being could harm her.

 6. Zgreb the Fallen

Strongest Celestials in Marvel

Remember how we talked about the Phoenix Force losing to a Celestial. Meet Zgreb the Fallen, the guy who made it happen. Zgreb is known as Zgreb the Fallen because he has foregone all the ideals a Celestial holds dear in search of love. He has only left death and destruction in his wake. Zgreb scours the universe in search of his live and one day, it would lead him to Earth. A Million years ago before the Avengers were even formed, Zgreb tried to annihilate the planet only to be defeated by Odin, the first ever Black Panther, Iron Fist, Phoenix Force, Star Brand and the Sorcerer Agamotto. He again tasted defeat when he returned to destroy Earth at the hands of the modern day Avengers.

 5. Godhead

Strongest Celestials in Marvel

In another world in the far reaches of space, lived a species called the Viscardi. The Viscardi were prosperous and never had to face any of the perils that Earth faces on a regular basis in terms of planetary destruction level events. And that was because the Viscardi had a Celestial guardian keeping watch over them called the Godhead. The Godhead oversaw the Viscardi achieve industrial revolution and become a space-faring race. But he stopped them from venturing out into the universe and explores it. The Viscardi pleaded the Celestial to let them explore. The Godhead left after creating a black vortex that killed the entire Viscardi race except for its leaders. No one ever knew why he did that.

 4. Exitar the Executioner

Strongest Celestials in Marvel

Exitar the Executioner is not one Celestial. It is actually a mantle that is taken over by the strongest Celestial during that period of time. Exitar is called the Executioner because he is the right-hand guy of the Celestial Jury. If the Celestials think that a Planet needs to be destroyed or a threat needs to be dealt with, it is Exitar that answers their call. In several instances, an Exitar has been actually forced to bite the dust. Sue Storm aka the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four, has killed an Exitar. Thor’s hammer has also seriously damaged the Exitar. He is still considered more powerful than Galactus and Odin.

 3. Scathan the Approver

Strongest Celestials in Marvel

Scathan the Approver is Celestial that has earned the respect of both the Living Tribunal and Eternity. His role in the larger scheme of things is not known but it is generally believed that Scathan’s job is to observe and record everything happening in the universe. Scathan was the one who presided over the trial of Protégé. When Portege tried to copy the powers of One Above All, the leader of all Celestials, Scathan the Approver released one single blast of energy that knocked down Protégé, the Beyonder, the Hawk God and the Guardians of the Galaxy. The fact that even the Living Tribunal and Eternity were knocked out by his energy blast speaks wonders about him.

 2. Tiamut

Strongest Celestials in Marvel

Tiamut is a being so powerful that even Galactus, the freaking Destroyer of Worlds, fears him. Tiamut considers Thanos a Puny God. For him, guys like the mad Titan and the Destroyer of Worlds are child’s play. Tiamut normally never intervenes in other’s affairs but he is known to make the shit hit the fan if provoked enough. Tiamut also happens to be invisible to Uatu the Watcher’s vision, which was previously thought to be impossible.

 1. One Above All

Strongest Celestials in Marvel

No, we are not talking about the Marvel’s equivalent to God aka the “One Above All” here. There is actually a Celestial that goes by the same name. The one Above All Celestial is the leader of all other Celestials. He was never known to involve himself in anything, preferring to watch everything from a distance. But since he is the leader of all Celestials, it would be logical to assume he has the power beyond imagination, even for a Celestial. Among the plethora of powers this guy has, he has only shown his abilities twice – once when he teleported Thor from one planet into another planet in a different corner of the universe just by willing it to happen, and another time when he used his powers to resurrect each and every Celestial after they were killed.

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