How Quicksilver From X-Men Could Replace The MCU’s Quicksilver

X-Men Quicksilver Could Replace The MCU’s Quicksilver:

The WandaVision series will be back for some final filming sessions in July. But all in all, the show did carry out most of its production way before the Coronavirus pandemic took over the world. In the past few days, one major news update about WandaVision was that Evan Peters was spotted on the set of WandaVision. It was a major news because Peters is the one who played Quicksilver in Fox’s X-Men franchise. So, people have already started to jump the gun thinking that the X-Men’s version of Quicksilver is indeed coming to the MCU.

That’s because WandaVision is a series that is supposed to connect with the alternate realities and the Multiverse, and it is also supposed to bring Quicksilver back to the MCU. Since Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have been a part of both X-Men and the Avengers in the comics, Marvel and Fox actually shared the rights to these two characters. Hence, we got two different versions of Quicksilver in the MCU and the X-Men Universe. The only deal between Fox and Marvel was that Marvel’s version can’t be called a mutant and neither can he be connected to Magneto.

The problem with MCU’s Quicksilver was that we got to see his actual debut in Age of Ultron even though he made a brief appearance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as well. It was a problem because Aaron Taylor Johnson’s Quicksilver came to notice after we have already seen Evan Peters’ version of the character that had already managed to get a great reception from the fans. Furthermore, Peters’ version of the character was portrayed to be much faster that Johnson’s. So, in the battle of Quicksilvers, Marvel was on the losing side. Joss Whedon pitched the idea of Quicksilver making a sacrifice in Age of Ultron, and none of the MCU execs pushed back on that idea because the thinking was to steer away from a competition that Marvel could lose.

And, now Marvel has suddenly cast Evan Peters, an actor who is famous for playing Quicksilver in a show that is probably supposed to include Quicksilver. Why would Marvel specifically cast Evan Peters. Sure he is a great actor and could pull off any other Marvel role. But other actors could do that as well. Why will Marvel cast Evan Peters and confuse us? It has to because Quicksilver is returning and Marvel seems to be trading the MCU’s Quicksilver with a better one. Now, let’s get to how it could happen.

In the comic book storyline “Avengers: No Surrender,” Quicksilver ran so fast that he ended up on a totally different plane of existence. It was only Wanda who could reach him through her reality altering powers. Marvel could do something similar in the MCU as we already know that Wanda’s reality altering powers would now come into play. So, when Wanda would be creating this so called new reality, she might actually pluck the Quicksilver from Fox’s reality into hers. And at the same time, Quicksilver might be going so fast that he ends up in another plane of existence, i.e. Wanda’s plane. This way, Marvel will be able to bring Evan Peters’ Quicksilver into the MCU.

X-Men Quicksilver Could Replace The MCU’s Quicksilver:

Another reason to believe why Marvel could be bringing a mutant from Fox’s Universe into the MCU is because a while back, sir Patrick Stewart revealed that he & Feige have had conversations about Charles Xavier. He was asked his opinion upon returning as Professor X. Even though Patrick Stewart declined it, we came to know that it’s a possibility for Fox’s X-Men to appear in the MCU. Since, Quicksilver was one of the good ones, we’d surely like to see him in the MCU considering the fact that Marvel is in dire need of a big name speedster.

So let’s see whether our theory comes true or is Evan Peters playing some other role like Mephisto.

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