5 Times Lex Luthor Destroyed Superman

Luthor has ben a constant pain in the ass for Superman, the bald dude totally hates the Kryptonian and all aliens. Here are some of the few things that he’s done to make Superman’s life hell:

Made Superman A Public Enemy

In 2000, Luthor became the president of the U.S. and boy he was real good at his job. Made the USA grow even more, but that was just 3 years. Later he began abusing his power and made Supes publically responsible for a Kryptonite meteor heading Earth’s way. After which a govt. the oriented super team fought Superman, and when that wasn’t enough, Lex himself came with his war suit.

Destroyed Superman’s Home

When Luthor Junior’s body started decaying, and this was actually Lex himself in the body of some other person playing his own son, because of comics, he started his ultimate plan for the destruction of Metropolis, which had his robots causing rampage across the city, causing earthquakes and the other basic Luthor stuff. When all this seemed to fail, he came in a Kryptonian suit and fought Supes. Though he lost, Metropolis was almost in shambles.

He Killed Superman twice


Luthor has actually had his day too, the bald headed businessman has actually been the reason for Supes’ demise. That too twice, first time creating a cure for cancer and making the Boy Scout believe him when off guard hitting him with Kryptonite rays and eventually killing him. The second, when he sabotaged a space mission causing Superman to take in a lot of solar energy causing him to live for just a year.

Got Involved With His Cousin

When Luthor’s body was dying due to keeping Kryptonite with him, he transmitted himself to some young person’s body and made Supergirl fall in love with him. He took the persona of Luthor Jr. keeping his company and assets to himself, this wasn’t all, he made the cousin of the Man Of Steel go against her cousin and turned her to his side.

He Destroyed Kandor

The bottled city of Kandor was Superman’s home that survived the destruction. When Supes took that back from Brainiac and let it be a planet again, Zod sitting there wanted more and clashed with the Earthlings. A clone of Luthor, along with Metallo and Reactron was sent to Kandor, where Luthor caused Reactron, a kryptonite-powered villain to explode and hence destroy the whole planet.

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