10 Unknown Facts About The Conjuring Series That Will Blow Your Mind  

In the past few years the horror film industry has become relevant again. With the recent success of ‘IT’, the horror film genre has risen once again and people are again interested in paying to get scared. The Conjuring series has been a big hit till now and all the films have received positive reviews. These are some of the unknown facts about the series:

1. Sister Charlotte’s photo:

In a scene from Annabelle: Creation the prequel sister Charlotte has a photo in her hand of many nuns she used to know in Romania but when Charlotte rotates the photograph you can see it forms the image of the ghostly nun Valak who was the villain of the second movie of the series. The nun will get her own film soon which will release next year on a Friday the 13th.

9. The name ‘Valak’ appears in background:

The most haunting villain of the series appears in the second film in the form of a ghostly and murderous nun. Her name ‘Valak’ however appears much before her but it is hard to notice at first. There are many such scenes in the series and one of them is the scene where Lorraine is in the den. On the bookshelf in the background, the letters V-A-L-A-K are staggered on the shelves in the correct order. Lastly, Lorraine’s daughter was crafting a letter bracelet with Valak’s name.

8. ‘The Shining’ references:

The series has some scenes that can be seen as references to the highly successful horror movie ‘the shining’. One such scene is when the nun is encountered in the hallway. The hallway in the film resembles the famous hallway where Danny brakes his Big Wheel and stumbles on the creepy twin girls. This is one of the solid inspirations and references to shining in the Conjuring series.

7. It wasn’t originally called ‘the Conjuring’:

The series went through many different changes in the making process and one of them was the change of names for the first film. The Conjuring was originally described as ‘The Untitled Warren Filed Project’ but as you can see the name was pretty long and boring so they changed it to ‘The Warren Files’. Later the name was changed again and the rest is history.

6. Spooky things actually happened on set:

We always wonder how it must be on the sets of a horror movie and whether it is actually scary for the actors to shoot those scenes. James Wan revealed that his puppy used to growl and bark aggressively at one end of an empty room. A lot of crew members even noticed that there was often this cool breeze that would send chills down their spine.

5. The original outfit:

In a scene Lorraine Warren is seen wearing a beige trench coat with a black turtleneck and skirt. The same outfit was worn by the real Lorraine Warren during her investigation at Amityville. It is clear that the director wanted the scenes to look authentic and paid his respects to the original Warren family.

4. The real Lorraine Warren’s cameo:

So we all know that the series is based on a real life couple and the Warrens actually went through most of the things shown in the movies. In a scene from the first film, the real Lorraine Warren appeared and even though it is hard to notice her, you can spot her in the background. The scene we are talking about is where the Warren couple are giving a lecture to college-aged spectators in a classroom. Lorraine Warren appeared in the background as one of the people attending the lecture.

3. Actual Priests attended a screening in Philipines:

An old tactic to make the audience come to theatres for a horror film is to make them believe that the movie is very scary indeed. Almost every horror movie reports about people in the audience getting strokes etc but the Conjuring series went one step ahead. In Philipines some theatres actually appointed real Catholic priests in the theatre so that the audience was safe from evil spirits while watching the film!

2. The current owners of the house sued the producers:

Imagine living in a house that has been demonized in front of the whole world in a movie series. The couple that currently lives in the house found themselves living in a tourist attraction after the first film hit the theatres. After they experienced incidents of vandalism and threats from satanic cults, the owners decided to sue the director of the series and the WB studio. The happening of the films happened over 25 years ago in that house with the Warren family and the current owners of the house live there happily.

 1. Cameo of Annabelle in ‘The Conjuring’:


‘Annabelle’ as you know is the prequel of the Conjuring movie and therefore in the timeline of the Conjuring, the Warrens have already been through the horrors of the raggedy doll. In a scene from ‘The Conjuring’ you can easily spot the Annabelle doll sitting innocently in a toy box. The director was supposedly giving a hint as to what he would focus on in the future.

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