Real Reason Why Hulk Got A Beating From Iron Man’s Hulkbuster

Why Hulk Got Beating From Hulkbuster:

When Bruce Banner said, “That’s my secret Cap, I’m always angry.” and transformed into the green monster Hulk, not only Captain America but the entire fan community went gaga over it. He then goes on to smash an entire dragon-like Thanos’s army. Hulk is undoubtedly known for his anger, which is the only emotion that runs through him. Bruce Banner is comparatively angry and super intelligent, but when it comes to Hulk the only thing he knows is ‘SMASH’. In recent developments, we have seen that Bruce and Hulk made a truce where they live as Hulk, but think and talk like Bruce.

Mark Ruffalo Revealed Future of Hulk

Considering the overall personality of Hulk, he’s a beast and nothing less than that. There are a lot more things that we don’t know about Hulk yet, but the critical comic readers know that he a bunch of other superpowers that haven’t been introduced in the movies yet. We always thought that The Incredible Hulk is unbeatable. But recently that has not been the case. We have seen our favorite destroyer, who’s luckily on the side of the good guys, get beat up pretty badly and almost in the most embarrassing manner too.

Avengers: Infinity War Much Stronger Film than Avengers: Endgame
Why Hulk Got Beating From Hulkbuster

In Avengers: Age Of Ultron we see an all-out Hulk destroying the city under Scarlet Witch’s spell. Guess who came to the rescue? Iron Man saving the day once again. This is pretty unusual, considering that there are other Avengers stronger than Iron Man, like Thor. But based on the movie, Iron Man comes to the rescue. At first, we thought that how could Tony Stark in his suit stop this beast who’s not in his senses? But he was not just strolling around in the park. “I’m calling in Veronica.”. This epic dialogue was the start of one of the most intense showdown. Let’s get to the real why Hulk couldn’t win against the Hulkbuster, considering how easy it is for Hulk to swamp and crush their enemies.

Avengers: Endgame Hulk

When Tony takes Hulk in and collapses an abandoned building, Hulk comes down with a big surprise. The only emotion that drives Hulk to his insanity is his anger, and at that moment he wasn’t angry. This is a classic example, when Natasha Romanoff sings the Hulk a lullaby and he starts feeling confused, dazed, and slowly settles down. This happened when Tony sucker-punched Hulk just to drive him away from the city because the Avengers are always under scrutiny for the damage they do to the city while protecting it. The team ultimately decided that they have to minimize the damage as much as possible and make sure that no civilians get hurt. But the Hulk didn’t care for it, because, you know, he’s the Hulk.

Avengers: Endgame Captain Marvel Avenger

In the beginning, the fight seemed almost equal and we were left amazed by how was it possible for a suit to be able to stop the green giant the Hulk on a rampage? But by then Hulk had warmed up and was ready for the fight. He starts taking the lead and almost too quickly Tony realizes that he won’t stand a chance because the Hulk only ends up getting stronger and faster as if he has the ability to evolve during a fight. Now if we dig deeper, then the Hulk never actually lost to the Hulkbuster. In the initial scenes, we can see the name Veronica coming up in a conversation between Tony and Bruce where they both seemed to know what the purpose of Veronica was. It was never to fight the Hulk but to stop him from causing any human casualties and to stop him from going on a streak of mayhem.

Avengers: Endgame Captain Marvel Avenger Why Hulk Got Beating From Hulkbuster
Why Hulk Got Beating From Hulkbuster

So in conclusion, Veronica is a preventive measure and the Hulk remains undefeated. And plus, the plot actually demanded it. If we paraphrase it and present it, then the Hulkbuster only stopped the Hulk from causing further damage. We can only wait for more interesting fights and we all clearly want more of Hulk ripping its enemies in half and then laugh at it later.

Why Hulk Got Beating From Hulkbuster
Why Hulk Got Beating From Hulkbuster

But that seems a little far fetched now that Bruce and Hulk are working together. But what if, they fall out and we end up seeing a Hulk that’s much angrier and develops new skills?

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