Justice League Didn’t Just CGI Superman’s Mustache But Also His…

Justice League is the movie that WB would surely like to forget. Even though WB tried to take a step in the right direction, the movie suffered a lot. The suffering was not just behind the scenes, but it could be seen easily in the film and at the Box Office as well. The movie was probably the most expensive movie WB would have ever made, and it did not even make a pure profit for the studios. This name which comic book fans really love has actually got tainted on the big screen.

Everything began with WB letting Snyder go before he had actually finished the film. The official verdict says that Snyder left because of his family tragedy, but many news outlets have reported that he was actually fired by WB as they did not like the movie he actually made. Instead, they hired Joss Whedon and ordered him to alter the narrative of the movie, adding a lighter tone to the film, and getting it to a cut of $2 hours.

Znyder’s cut reportedly had a run time of 2 Hours and 45 minutes, so Joss Whedon had to remove a lot of material that he shot, and because he now needed scenes that would actually fit better in the story of 2 hours instead of 2 Hours and 45 Minutes, Whedon undertook extensive reshoots of the film which actually cost the Studios an extra $25 Million.

By the time these reshoots took place, the big gun of the movie, Henry Cavill had been shooting Mission Impossible 6, and the contract of that movie did not allow him to shave the mustache that he had for the film. So he actually shot the scenes of Superman with a mustache, and WB decided to remove that through CGI, and we all have seen how horrendous that actually looked.

Justice League may have portrayed the least but the best version of Superman in the DCEU, as he was full of hope and actually smiling much more, but the movie also portrayed the most visually hateful Superman as well. The CGI on the mustache was just so wrong and weird. Poor Henry Cavill worked on his physique for months but all we could see in the film was his weird CGI baby face.

Well, you would think that WB could not top this in any way, but as it turns out, they actually have! Superman has been turned into giant CGI mess monster. A fan recently pointed out on twitter that it’s not just Superman’s face that was CGI’d but WB actually used CGI on his hands as well.

Now, why would you do this? Now that you actually see it, it may make you feel disgusted looking at Superman’s hands. The CGI actually seems so bad that you’d be forced to think that what the hell did this movie spend the $300 Million on.  

It doesn’t just look bizarre and apparent in one scene, but it can be seen in multiple scenes and the longer you look, the weirder it gets. The reason for this may not even be explainable properly. Are Henry Cavill’s real hands not presentable? Or are they too small?

The reason possibly could be that Cavill could not have been physically present at all times during the reshoots due to his commitments with MI 6, so a stunt double would have been present in the suit and Cavill’s visible body parts, which are his face and hands may have been digitally altered through VFX.

Justice League

This actually makes us hate the movie even more. Hopefully, Henry Cavill returns to give us the true Superman for real very soon, and he makes us totally forget about this Bizarro Superman. We would surely like to see a Justice League 2, and if done right, the movie will surely have the potential to do really great in all aspects.

Since the team up movies that DC has put out till now haven’t really worked while the two solo Superhero flicks that they have put out have done quite well, WB seems to be focusing more on the solo movies of these Superheroes, which is why we are getting Aquaman, Shazam! and Wonder Woman 1984 as the next 3 DC movies. But we may get a Justice League 2 someday for sure.  

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