Black Widow – Marvel Has Seemingly Cast a Young Natasha Romanoff  

Black Widow: Marvel Cast a Young Natasha Romanoff  

Ever since the Black Widow movie got delayed, talks about the movie have diminished. Part of the reason is that Marvel had already released 3 trailers and a spot, and most of the plot leaks & details were out as well. So there isn’t a lot left to talk without making things redundant. But we can be sure that the Black Widow movie will still surprise us in many ways as not a lot has been revealed of Nat’s dark past. Talking about her past, it does seem that we will even get to see a young Natasha Romanoff who is somewhere around 12 years old. That’s because a 13 years old girl, Anechka has been spotted on Instagram who is followed by Marvel Studios. Take a look:

She is 13 and doesn’t have a lot of followers. But the official account of Marvel Studios is following her and they don’t follow a lot of people. In fact, to give you the exact number as of writing this article, they are following just 67, and every one of those accounts is of the Avengers cast members or related to the Marvel films. Now, the reason we think that Anechka (who is from Ukraine) is playing young Natasha Romanoff isn’t just because of her looks and her red hair. But along with that, her first photo that she uploaded was taken in Budapest.

Everyone knows how crucial Budapest is to the story of Black Widow. This is where Nat possibly added all the red in her ledger. So, all signs do point towards Anechka playing Black Widow. Even though she doesn’t have many followers right now, we can be sure that they’d come in huge numbers when the Black Widow movie comes out (whether or not, Anechka is playing young Natasha). But we shouldn’t assume that Anechka will have a huge role to play in the film, as it will most likely be one or a few flashback sequences of Nat’s teen years, or if it is the other role that we think she is playing (will talk about it in a moment).

It is good to know that Marvel is willing to tell a complete backstory of Natasha Romanoff. We will supposedly get to see her young days when she was taken under the wing of General Dreykov and trained to be a lethal assassin. We will get to see what really happened in Budapest when Clint Barton recruited Nat for S.H.I.E.L.D. And we’ll also get to explore her relationship with her past family, and perhaps even Taskmaster.

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Now let’s rewind a tiny bit and talk about General Dreykov. It is rumored that Ray Winstone has been cast as General Dreykov. This name “Dreykov” was spoken by Loki when Natasha was interrogating him in The Avengers. When Natasha told Loki that “I’ve got red in my ledger. I’d like to wipe it out,” Loki replied – “Can you? Can you wipe out that much red? Dreykov’s daughter? São Paulo? The hospital fire?” It seems that despite being General Dreykov’s star pupil, Natasha Romanoff probably had a hand in the death of Dreykov’s daughter.

If you look at Anechka, she does have the looks to be Young Natasha. But she seems to be almost as tall as Scarlett Johansson (if not taller). To show us a younger version of a character, Marvel would’ve probably cast an actor that’s shorter. So, there might be a chance that Anechka could be playing General’s Dreykov’s daughter and we will get to see how she died. Perhaps I am thinking too much about it. But we have to consider all possibilities. So, I see it as a valid point. Still, the fact that Marvel Studios is following her might is reason enough to believe that Anechka is playing a bigger role than just Dreykov’s daughter.

Black Widow arrives on November 6. That’s when all the mysteries of the film will be cleared.

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