4 Movies Based On True Stories That Were Completely Inaccurate

A film based on the true stories has huge viewership and even our Filmmakers loves to make that kind of movies. Though the majority of the facts that are depicted on the screen are right, but some of the elements  are twisted  to make it  more interesting. Here are 4 true story based movies that are full of lies and mistakes.

 1) American Sniper
true stories

Clint Eastwood’s biopic of the late Navy Seal Chris Kyle broke the box-office records during its theatrical run and won many awards. Despite all this, the movie was not liked and raised by everyone. The character of Kyle was shown conflicted by all the violence, but on the other hand,  real Kyle was proud of having the most confirmed kills in U.S military history.

2) Argo


Agro was the third directorial film of the Ben Affleck, and it became a big commercial hit. But many were angry with the way Affleck bent the history. The film downplayed the role of the Canadian government with the CIA. It also fabricated the climactic sequence where the hostages had trouble with the airport security while leaving Iran.

3) The Pursuit of Happyness


The Pursuit of Happyness has managed to  get the positive reviews from the film critics, and it also earned Oscar nomination for Will Smith. The film’s jest lies in the relationship between Gardner and his son, but in reality, Gardner’s son was from an extramarital affair, and he didn’t have any connection with his son while Gardner looked for his dream job.

4) The Imitation Game


The Imitation Game tells a fascinating story from the World War II. The movie was super hit in 2014, but the movie has plenty of inaccuracies. As opposite to what was shown in the movie, the real Alan Turing had a very strong relationship with his co-workers and got along with them. The movie overly dramatizes Turing’s dynamic with Joan Clarke.

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