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How Suicide Squad Members Go Through A Lot of Pain In The Comics

The DCEU has had some up and down over the years. But with their recent productions, it seems that they have found a rhythm. That rhythm might be the ebb and flow of the multiverse and bringing back old franchises but if it worked for Marvel then there is no reason to think that it will not work for DC. Interestingly, there is only one sub-franchise in the DCEU that has been experimented with twice without being critically acclaimed. We are talking about Suicide Squad and The Suicide Squad. WB seems to have a lot of trust in this team and their suffering to attract audiences. But did you know that Suicide Squad members go through a lot more pain in the comics?

Suicide Squad members

The Suicide Squad is a group of criminals on death row or life sentences in the DC universe who are recruited by Amanda Waller as an expendable team of mercenaries. These mercenaries are used to overthrow regimes and conduct operations on black sites or behind enemy lines. The logic behind having a team of villains do these things for you is that the US government can completely deny any association with the said team. Moreover, Amanda Waller is famous for her way of exerting control over her Suicide Squad. You see, the handler puts miniature explosives inside the head of each member of the team, which are connected to a remote detonator. If Amanda feels that someone is stepping out of line, she can blow their heads off without a moment’s notice, and she does!


Suicide Squad Members And Their Pain

But loyal fans know that Amanda is much more of a villain in the comics than in the movie. The movie version of Waller is ruthless but the comic version of the character is a sadist. She vets her team like no one else and trains them without prejudice. In the New 52’s Suicide Squad #1 there is a bit where the current Suicide Squad members including Harly Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark, and Savant are being interrogated and tortured by an unknown team of masked men. These men want to know about Amanda Waller and Task Force X.


All of the members of Suicide Squad keep their mouths shut for the most part. Harley even starts to enjoy torture. Figures, she is the one with the Stockholm syndrome. But then something shifts and Savant breaks. He spills the beans about the entire thing. The masked men choose to execute Savant after getting the information. At this point, everyone else in the Suicide Squad prepares for their imminent death. Here the entire thing is revealed to be a ploy by Amanda Waller.


It is revealed that Waller was the one controlling the masked men all along. The entire thing was nothing more than a training exercise for the Suicide Squad members. Being part of the Suicide Squad is not something that an average criminal can do. It requires a special kind of criminal and a masochist at that. Most of the members of the Suicide Squad have an intimate relationship with Amanda Waller, as revealed by a recent storyline where it was confirmed that she is the adoptive mother of King Shark.


The Future

The Suicide Squad James Gunn Amanda Waller Rick Flagg

All this to say that the Suicide Squad members in the comics are prone to far more pain than their movie counterparts. It is such a tragedy that these people are put through such a gauntlet of pain but that is exactly what Amanda Waller does. She tests her team and shows them the consequences of betraying her. Savant broke and he died for it, there is no changing that. The members of the team that stayed silent knew that opening their mouths meant death.


But Savant did not care and Amanda made sure to make an example of him. Her sadistic nature is more profound in the comics than anywhere else.

Let us know what you think about Suicide Squad members and our analysis about it down in the comments. Keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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