Aquaman May Just Lift DC Cinematic Universe To A Whole New Level

Although DC Cinematic Universe has proved itself to becoming a major player in blockbuster movies, it has yet to fix many of the kinks that have fans and critics have found fault in. Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice was highly criticized for being too serious both in tone and its story, while Suicide Squad felt like the movie skipped the entire plot-line on fast forward. The studio, however, as listened to what their public wants and it seems like future films will show a major improvement. The first to feel that will be Aquaman and Justice League.

Aquaman director James wan has already promised fans that the upcoming movie will by a cut above the rest, saying that it was a swashbuckling movie reminiscent of action-adventure films of yesteryear. Writer Will Beall has second this statement, discussing how the movie will be a lot more fun that last year’s Batman Vs superman. The writer was told website Collider:

“It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be really fun. What we’ve come up with and James [Wan] especially — he has a really clear idea of the tone he’s going to have, and I think Aquaman is one that’s going to blow people’s minds, not just visually, but I think the story and the scope of it is really great.”

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Fun has been the keyword used for all the upcoming DC movies. Unlike his Justice League teammates, Arthur Curry has not yet made his debut in the world of films. This was partly because filmmakers were yet to get their hands on special effects equipment that is readily available these days. The hero spends half his life underwater, communicates with underwater life like fish and is the ruler of Atlantis.And the timing for the film seems right. Audiences have become more open to seeing superheroes of various degrees and Aquaman has been a major character in the DC comics. It was only a matter of time before a demand was issued by fans, but luckily they didn’t have to reach for it

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