Suits Season 5 Episode 3: I Will Bury You

We can already speculate what lies ahead in this season of Suits; civil war, new relationships and a new side to Harvey. The latest episode of Suits season 5 is another step in that direction. Jack Soloff is not letting his grudge against Harvey go and this time Harvey fights back. Harvey invites Jack to play golf with a NBA star Charles Barkley but when the latter rebuffs Harvey, our beloved Mr. Specter with the help of Gretchen decides to take the war to Soloff. He poaches one of Jack’s clients who is a big fan of Charles Barkley. Jack Soloff retaliates by teaming up with Louis to strike-off the contigency commissions, thus cutting Harvey’s salary. Harvey has another panic attack in Jessica’s office. Mike calms him down and assures him he is not going to leave Harvey. Thus Mike sets Jack Soloff up, who finally backs out.

Elsewhere, Louis and Donna are trying to find their way around the new found relationship. Donna still doubts Louis and returns him all the gifts as she thinks, she is being used as an object. There is a moment where Harvey and Donna come face to face, and again Donna reminds Harvey she isn’t some prize to be won. Louis assures Donna that he has nothing to do with Jack Soloff and his schemes, but everyone knows what Louis always does——MESS UP THINGS!

Mike and Robert Zane have teamed up for the case of the season i.e, The Kelton Insturance case. The power struggle between the two is evident as Mike wants the partner status with Robert. On the other hand, Robert wants himself in charge. They both have arguments, till Mike finally justifies his talent in the court. After seeing Mike destroy the opposition’s testimony, Robert finally accepts him as partner.

Jessica and Rachel also find mutual respect for each other and go to a ceremony together.

Harvey after facing another panic attack goes back to his therapist and tries to find a solution. The episode ends on a high-note with Harvey and Mike going out for a dinner.

Some notable conversations and dialogues in Suits season 5 episode 3 were:

Jessica: You look at him, you see me.
Robert: You’re asking for a hell of lot.
Jessica: Now take your wing tips off my table and walk them out the door, because this is my case, and you either do it my way or you don’t do it at all. (Walks out of the room)
Robert [under his breath as she walks out]: I love you.

Harvey (to Louis): I will bury you.


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