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Loki: How Did The Past Multiversal War of MCU Come To An End?

Loki season 1 has perfectly set the stage for season 2. MCU gets only better from here on now, courtesy of the God of Mischief. The show followed 2012 Loki’s life who escaped after a time heist in Endgame went wrong. But apart from the Trickster, we also saw characters like Sylvie, Ravonna Renslayer, and Mobius. All these characters will now be getting their own story in season 2. But as we feast on them, the show gives us He Who Remains, played by Jonathan Majors, who is to play Kang the conqueror in Ant-Man 3. He Who Remains reminded us all about the multiversal war once again. But how did the past Multiversal War of MCU actually end? Let’s find out.

Who Won The Past Multiversal War of MCU?

He Who Remains explained his origins in the finale. He said that he is from the 31st century and the last surviving variant of Kang the Conqueror. When he and his other variants discovered the multiverse, the group was divided into two. One came together to share knowledge and maintain peace, but the others saw an opportunity to conquer other timelines. It was because of this fallout that the Multiversal war broke out which almost ended everything in existence.

The Past Multiversal War of MCU

During his explanation, he told Sylvie and Loki about Alioth. He said that he learned how to harness the power of the monster, and weaponize it. So, he brought an end to the war. After winning the war, he isolated the Sacred Timeline and created the TVA to prune the branched timelines. He did this in order to keep his variants at bay. But how did he ever stop the Multiversal War was never told. And we think that the answer lies in his monologue – Alioth.

The Past Multiversal War of MCU

Alioth is a giant cloud-like creature born from rips in reality that consumes everything. He is placed at the Void to eliminate everything unnecessary that comes after pruning branched timelines. Witnessing the death of Classic Loki, one thing was made clear that death is what awaits for anything that goes up against Alioth. And this is something that He Who Remains understood very clearly.

But even after considering Alioth’s power, He Who Remains was aware that his variants could return. Or even find a way to escape Alioth’s wrath. So it’s possible that he created a trap within, or through, the creature to imprison his variants. Hence, after getting captured by Alioth, He Who Remains can keep the Sacred Timeline in check and save the world from Kang and others.

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