10 Female Superheroes Who Will Give Male Counterparts Run For Their Money

Gone are the days when only men had the right to the mantle of vigilantism. With the introduction of several popular female superheroes into the comic book industry, the way the idea of female vigilantism in the superhero genre is being proliferated is noteworthy and most certainly welcome. Presenting the 10 female superheroes that will rock your world in the theaters….

The Wasp

Evangeline Lily’s character was first introduced to the MCU in Ant-Man. She plays Hope Van Dyke, the daughter of the original Ant-Man Hank Pym. Equipped with a superhero suit of her own, Hope will soon be seen in the theaters as the superhero Wasp in Ant-Man and the Wasp, Marvel’s first rom-com superhero movie.

Captain Marvel

We are as much excited as you with Marvel’s first female-led superhero movie. Captain Marvel is an awesome superhero and one of the first mainstream female Avengers. She is also the first Female Marvel Superhero to get her standalone production under the Marvel Cinematic Universe banner. Captain Marvel will hit theaters in 2019.


Actress Zazie Beetz portrays an originally white character called Domino. Although several white supremacists and Trump supporters couldn’t stop whining about how the character got ‘Black-washed’, we couldn’t care less. 


Shuri will be introduced to the MCU when Black Panther releases on February 16th. Shuri is the sister of T’Challa, the Black Panther. She also is the smartest person on Earth, even edging out Tony Stark. In the comic books, Shuri has even managed to assume the mantle of the Black Panther for a brief period of time.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey has always been an integral part of the X-Men. Then came the Dark Phoenix saga that forever changed her status as one of the universe’s greatest megalomaniacs. Jean Grey may be the villain of her own show but she is also known for being a kind and considerate mutant superhero.

Anne Weying

Anne Weying is said to be a normal character with no superpowers in Venom. But in the comics, Anne Weying is the She-Venom. The bride of Eddie Brock is one of Spiderman’s fiercest foes. While the movie does feature her powerless, with the Life foundation meddling with the Symbiote, anything could happen!!!\


Mera is the queen of Atlantis. She also happens to be the resident of another dimension who was originally sent to Atlantis to kill Aquaman, later falling in love with her own target. The Justice League movie only gave us a glimpse of Mera but that is about to change when Mera takes matters into her own hands in Aquaman. Let’s see if the Queen of the seas is as graceful with her powers as with her on-screen looks.

Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch is played by the gorgeous Elizabeth Olsen on screen. One of the premium members of the Avengers, Scarlet Witch has taken part in several key MCU events like Civil War and Age of Ultron. Scarlet Witch is seen again using her chaos magic-reality warping abilities in Avengers: Infinity War.

Black Widow

Black Widow is one of the luckiest and unluckiest members of the Avengers. She was the first and only female founding member of the Avengers. She also got sidetracked for a standalone in favor of Captain Marvel, even though she had been making rounds through the MCU since ten years. Hopefully, with rumors of a Black Widow movie finally happening, all things will come to a happy ending. Black Widow is seen in Avengers: Infinity War. 

Wonder Woman

female superheroes

Wonder Woman took the whole world by storm when it released last year. The only DCEU movie ever to be called an actual blockbuster, Wonder Woman was so jarring and moving because it dared to address issues that even well-established franchises never ever intended to. Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot will always occupy a special place in our heart thanks to the drastic change it brought about within Hollywood. Wonder Woman 2 will be hitting theaters in 2019.

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