New Avengers 4 Fan Theory Says Iron Man Will Commit Suicide!!

There seldom comes a villain as twisted and headstrong in his convictions as Thanos. Hailing from a planet called Titan that once hosted a super advanced civilization called the Eternals, the planet then fell prey to overpopulation and the dominant species of that world went extinct. Thanos now looks at the universe the same way he looked at Titan. If life is left unchecked, it will consume everything and leave nothing for the future generations. That is why he wanted to kill half of all life in the universe. To that end, he has worked tirelessly and made the greatest of sacrifices to achieve his objective. He was even willing to kill his own ‘daughter’ Gamora and gain the Soul Stone if that is what it takes. But there might be one guy who might have taken this madness up a notch. Presenting – New Avengers 4 Fan Theory says Iron Man will commit suicide!!!


 The only thing that trumps Thanos’ fatherly love for Gamora is his love for the universe and to ensure life does not take over creation and instill chaos thereafter. When the heroes of the Marvel universe tried stopping him, every one of them fell. The only guy who could stand up to him in a one on one death battle was Thor and since he has a terrible aim (Hawkeye, where are you when we need you!), he too let us all down and Thanos snapped his fingers to do what he had always wanted to do. No Avenger was strong enough to stop the Purple megalomaniac.

The next Avengers movie will show us the aftermath of the Infinity War movie and what steps the surviving heroes will take to stop Thanos from emptying out half of the cosmos.

The dominant theory is that Iron Man will use some form of technology to tap into the quantum energy- manipulation powers of the Quantum realm and travel back in time to undo the knots of Infinity War’s climax scene. Assuming Tony Stark manages to go back in time, exactly how will he do what even the entire roster of Avengers could not do altogether? The internet, as usual, has given us an interesting explanation as to how that might go down.

There has been a longstanding rumor that Avengers 4 will finally see Tony Stark aka the Invincible Iron Man bites the dust. There has been no character that has been as impactful as Robert Downey Junior’s Iron Man. He is probably the only guy with the brain and the brawn to do what is necessary to be done to stop the Mad Titan. If he successfully travels back in time, he will have to collect the Infinity Stones before Thanos could ever lay his hands on them.

And that means he will also have to face the test that Thanos faced while trying to obtain the Soul Stone. This is where things get interesting. Amian246 is a Reddit user who has a peculiar but solid explanation of the upcoming death of Iron Man in the fourth Avengers movie. He says:

“There is one elephant in the room though: in order to acquire the soul stone, Tony has to sacrifice what he loves the most. The popular line of thought is that Tony will sacrifice Pepper; but what if he has to sacrifice himself because that’s what he loves the most?

Throughout the MCU, Tony has been built up to be this narcissistic person, so what if he is going to give himself up in order to save everyone else?”

This theory will make the decade of character development that Tony Stark has gone through, from a rich brat narcissistic billionaire to a guy who is genuinely caring and worries about the world and his loved ones, go in vain. But it is one interesting theory so to speak. Tony Stark loves himself. That is a fact. That is what makes him so damn cool as well. He has a Machiavellian approach to things. For him, the ends justify the means, no matter how twisted the means are.

If he decides to sacrifice himself (since he loves himself the most) to the Soul Stone, this would resonate with the true characterization of Tony Stark. This might be a gamble per se. But it will be a risk worth taking. Imagine this – Tony stark dying a narcissistic DGAF brat, just like the way he likes to. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?!?! Let us hope Avengers 4 can give us something on these lines.

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