The Infinity War Deleted Scene Reveals New Details About Thanos – Gamora Relationship

April 27th, 2018 saw the advent of Avengers Infinity War. It was the day when Thanos finally got off his big purple butt and came for earth’s mightiest heroes and the infinity gems they were so religiously trying to pretext, we see the Mad Titan take down the entirety of earth’s forces as he captures one infinity stone after another. And the entire story coalesces at the end when Infinity War ends with the destruction of half of all life in creation in a single snap. Every time Thanos grabbed an infinity stone, one of the good guys met their demise (not that death was not abundant in Infinity War as is) but the one death that really stayed with fans even after the movie ended was that of Gamora herself.

Deleted Scene from Infinity War Gamora Thanos Relationship

The daughter of Thanos had been a resident of the native zen-whober is  species and the last of her species (going by the comic origin given the fact that the movie and this particular deleted scene deal with the movie origins where only half of Gamora’s native planet species was destroyed including her own mother) the scene from the movie depicts a little child Gamora being ripped from the arms of her mother and then placed in the care of Thanos by Thanos . The scene is very endearing and awe-inspiring at the same time.

We see the Mad Titan and his armies split the entire population of the planet into two and a child Gamora being left in the middle as Thanos adopts this now orphaned child. This deleted scene from Infinity War has surfaced that sheds even more light on the Thanos Gamora relationship (and on the fact why Gamora went so willingly with Thanos after the fiasco at the collector’s lair at knowhere). Here’s the relevant part of the commentary from the video and other sources, reproduced as below for your scrutiny:-

“How does a man like Thanos go about adopting anyone? Does he go to an agency? Does he have to fill out a form? No, he kills half of everybody else on the planet and then you’re his,” Markus says

“We’ve always had this scene from the very first draft. It changed slightly, but it was always, ‘He destroys her world, and he takes her as an orphan,” added McFeely

“It was also very important not for him to just grab her, stick her under his arm, and drag her off,” Markus noted. Instead, according to Russo, it was “something he sees in her.”

“There’s something he sees in her and there is something she sees in him,” Markus said. “He is a protector. Even if he created the danger, he is providing a way forward for her that does speak to her inherent nature.” Added McFeely, “It’s an abusive relationship in that way

Visually, “It implies what is about to happen to her” Russo said. “He steps her outside of his rule of law, which is one side randomly survives and the other side randomly gets killed. She’s in between the two. It’s unfortunately a trajectory she can’t escape because it does ultimately end up in her demise.”

gamora and nebula can defeate thanos in avengers infinity war

Now, what does all of this mean. It cannot simply be that Gamora was someone the Mad Titan chose at random. Thanos does not work like that, no sir, the Mad Titan is anything but random, he is the most maniacally methodical villain we have seen in the Marvel cinematic universe. His actions are precise and his movements are lethal. It is ever so seldom that you see Thanos do something unnecessary, then why is it that the Mad Titan decided to adopt a random child whose parents he had just killed.


Well, if the creative team of Infinity War is to be believed then it seems that Thanos actually did gauge the potential of Gamora even when she was a child. Even if she was underdeveloped and naïve, Thanos saw the warrior she could become and maybe he even saw his own redemption in her eyes. The eyes of the innocent child hungry for guidance helped Thanos find himself and consoled him in dark and lonely times. Thanos and Gamora have always been close in comics, this video is just further proof to substantiate their relationship’s interpersonal.

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