The Russo Brothers Reveal How Mad Titan Knew Everything About Tony Stark

Avengers: Infinity War was one of the most thrilling Superhero movies to have ever been made. The Winter Soldier and Infinity War are probably the only two MCU movies that have a big thrill towards the end of the movie. Infinity War is the biggest movie in terms of scale and scope, and it has the most number of actors and characters to be appearing at once. And the result was as expected as it became the highest grossing Superhero movie at the Box Office going past $2 Billion.

It was packed with a whole lot of stuff for us to take in all at once. It has thrills at every corner and also revealed a whole lot of new things about the MCU. One of the most surprising aspects of the movie was that Thanos actually knew who Tony Stark was. The Galactic Warlord has always been worlds away from the Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist of Earth but still, Infinity War made the shocking reveal of Thanos knowing the true identity of Tony Stark.

Avengers: Infinity War Thanos Tony Stark

The movie did not really explain the fact properly, but it was indeed interesting to see that Thanos put out the Knowledge card, saying “You’re not the only one cursed with knowledge”, to which Tony had his typical reply, “Well, my only curse is you”. But MCU fans would surely like a proper explanation to this.

Luckily, the creatives behind the movie, Co-Director Joe Russo, and co-writer Christopher Markus have given us a hint as to how the two know each other and are very alike when it comes to their agendas, even if their ways to achieve those are very different from each other. Here’s what the Co-Director had to say about this and co-writer as Markus mentioned that Thanos became aware of Tony after the genius billionaire foiled his previous attempt to retrieve one of the Infinity Stones:

“Christopher Markus – Which is why he’s aware of Stark from the original Battle of New York as the person who undid the plan.

Joe Russo – It’s interesting because, as Thanos moves forward from this moment, once he disposes of his armor, he almost becomes a holy warrior where he doesn’t spend a lot of his energy intentionally trying to murder people unless they are, in some way, a threat to his agenda. Almost no one ends up being a threat to the agenda except for Tony who I think he feels has a sort of existential connection to Thanos.”

This was a great reveal, so it more or less confirms that Thanos knows Tony Stark because of the New York battle that happened in the first movie. As we saw in The Avengers that that Stark was the one who flew into the portal with the nuclear missile and destroyed all of the Chitauri and their ship. So, that is probably why he knows very well who Stark is. Another possibility could be that Thanos knows each one of those Avengers who beat him in the previous encounter, sending the Chitauri to Earth and we saw him appear in that post-credits scene which may confirm that he found out about the Avengers.

But when Thanos encountered Rogers, Nat, and Hulk, he did not give away any details about this, probably because there was no time left in the movie to establish that. But he is surely going to know the Avengers now, having come face to face with almost all of them in Infinity War.

It would also be great to see the connection between Tony and Thanos get established further so we could get a perfect Hero vs. Villain battle in the next movie where the two share a connection and fight for their cause. In this case, there are going to be many heroes though. It is going to be fun to see the Avengers beat the crap out of Thanos this time around in Avengers 4.

Avengers 4 comes out on May 3, 2019, and here’s the official Synopsis:

“A culmination of 22 interconnected films, the fourth installment of the Avengers saga will draw audiences to witness the turning point of this epic journey. Our beloved heroes will truly understand how fragile this reality is and the sacrifices that must be made to uphold it.”

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